Los Abuelos Tequila

Los Abuelos Reposado Tequila

Among many other amazing experiences during Julio and Lily’s wedding, I met Sr. Guillermo Erickson Sauza. Yes, Sauza. As in fifth generation Sauza.

One of the first in the business, the Sauza family started producing tequila in the 1860’s and built the business to being the #1 producer of tequila in the world. The family business was sold in 1976.

Over the years, tequila production has moved away from the traditional, small batch, mode of production in favor of much larger operations with more automation to serve the larger market. In the past decade, Tequila has grown in popularity and consumers have recognized that finely crafted tequilas have as much variance and nuance as scotch, wine, or rums.

Given his heritage and the burgeoning market for small batch tequilas, Guillermo restored the blue agave fields and a small family distillery named “La Fortaleza” to produce tequila crafted in the rich tradition of his family.

And succeed he has. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and chatting with Guillermo for some time. His “new” company is called Los Abuelos or “The Grandfathers” and Guillermo was brought samples of his product.

It is a delicious tequila. Just amazing. I was pretty sure that it was a new favorite, but there was just so very much good tequila at the wedding that my judgement was clearly clouded.

Guillermo gave me a bottle to bring home with me and, after this weeks elections, I cracked a bottle of Los Abuelos Reposado — pictured — open for a taste.

Yes, this tequila is, in fact, every bit as delicious as I remember it. Los Abuelos Reposado has a slightly sweet, slightly spicy, aroma with zero harshness. It has a perfectly balanced flavor, something for the whole tongue to enjoy. Almost a hint of licorice (it isn’t licorice. I hate licorice and I love this tequila) with the aftertaste pretty much sitting right in the middle of the tongue as a slightly warm tangy flavor.

And Los Abuelos is smooth. So very very smooth. At the wedding I enjoyed quite a bit of the blanco– the unaged version. Blancos are often my favorite in that I love the raw agave flavor that comes through, but there is typically a price to pay in that they are bit harsh.

Los Abuelos blanco was easily the smoothest unaged tequila I have tasted. And the Reposado is smoother still. Frankly, the repo has a more complete, smooth, and finely crafted flavor than many of the premium anejo — aged — tequilas I have tasted.

I’m looking forward to finding a bottle of Los Abuelos Anejo. I can only imagine that it is thoroughly spectacular.

Currently, Los Abuelos is of limited availability in the United States. I hope that changes (without the quality changing) as I am going to be a very unhappy camper if I can’t keep this brand in stock!

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  1. Veronica R. Hernandez says:

    I loved your story on how you met Mr. Sauza. I was actually looking for someone linked to the Sauza family and here you are. I am looking to connect to this family because I would like to ask them about their involvement in philanthropy, perhaps something they may be interested in. My father and grandfather’s name was Cenobio (both from Mexico) and my brother’s name is Cenobio Javier Francisco…like the father’s before Guillermo. If you check out my website you will see that these Cenobio’s were not involved in the tequila business (although this family was raised drinking it) they were and are humble musicians.

    One day, I was shopping for a present for my father. I was actually looking for something different…I was looking for the special Couvoisier, since it was a liquor that brought the good memories of the war for my father. Well I couldnt find the one I wanted so…i shopped and found the Tres Generaciones Tequila and I noticed the names on the bottle. I bought it! My father was impressed with the bottle and then the name…and then the taste. Tres Generaciones became our family drink. My father passed away two years ago when he was 90. He was told when he was 63 that he wouldnt live more than 2 yrs. I brought him this tequila and he lived alittle under 30yrs. The doctor, at a follow up visit asked what was my father doing different that he seemed in such great shape…and he said (in his broken English)…”doctor, I drink one shot at noon everyday, it is the perfect dose of medicine”. The doctor in reply said, “Don Cenobio, just keep doing what you’re doing.”

    Thank you for your story…

    Warmest Regards,

    Veronica R. Hernandez

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