iPod owners all thieves?

“These devices are just repositories for stolen music, and they all know it,” UMG chairman/CEO Doug Morris says. “So it’s time to get paid for it.”

I have been an iPod owner since the 5GB 1G. I have over 16,000 songs in my music library and every single one was either ripped from CDs I own, purchased at the iTunes Store, downloaded off of etree.org or a handful of random mixes (which, frankly, may contain material with a questionable licensing history — not that I could pay for ’em anyway. If I could, I would).

I do not appreciate being called a thief.

Nice. Must be great being in a business where you can so viscerally hate your customers and still make a buck.

Oh, and can I have a money back per CD that I bought? If I buy a Zune, do I get to pirate Universal’s music at whim because I paid a “piracy tax”? Gee, that is an interesting marketing tactic for MSFT to take.

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6 Responses to “iPod owners all thieves?”

  1. Ian Bicking says:

    I think the record company execs see their customers as thieves, because they expect others to act the same way they do. This is an industry built largely around the manipulation of artists — and not just big institutions that exclude smaller artists or whatnot, but actually stealing from artists through legal trickery and obscenely unfair contracts. Hell, I bet they’d have a hard time justifying their own copyright ownership for a substantial portion of things they claim to own.

  2. rentzsch says:

    A friend is thinking of “pirating” music he already owns on CD, just so he doesn’t have to rip it himself. I say RIAA would still sue him if they caught him, because it’s not about rationality — it’s about fear.

  3. Clark Cox says:

    The more corrupt and amoral someone is, the more they expect others to be corrupt and amoral. As Ian Bicking pointed out, music industry execs are corrupt thieves, and therefore expect others to be likewise corrupted. One can see the same issue in politicians that are tough on crime/drugs/paedophilia/”insert heated issue here”, that are themselves tempted by, at best, or partake in, at worst, the “dark side” of said issue. It all boils down to “The [record exec] doth protest too much, methinks.”

  4. Fascination Place » Blog Archive » Real. Zune. Now. says:

    […] (Via b.bum, whose response is also worth reading.) […]

  5. Christopher says:

    What do I have to do, to make an audiobook file appear on the audiobook folder on my iPod?
    I didn't get it how does it work.
    Is there a special extension for audiobooks, because I've tried to convert to ACC (tutorial on this forum) but it didn't work.
    Please, help me.

  6. Jon H says:

    About that Universal deal with Microsoft, I have to wonder what other labels think about it.

    Are the others going to demand payment as well? If Microsoft won’t cut similar deals with other labels, or tries to pay less per Zune, will the other labels cut Microsoft off?

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