Spider Web in the Morning

The bay area is slowly shuffling into winter. This typically means 60 to 70 degree days and much cooler night (occasional frost, even, in the South Bay).

And fog. Lots and lots of fog. Typically in the morning and burned off by 10am. The spiders are still active and the combination makes for some amazing bit of natural art.

I snapped this particular image with the flash while the web was gently blowing in the breeze. Not sure exactly how the two interacted to create that particular bit of motion blur, but I like it! I really need to pull out my tripod and a light to try some different kinds of illumination.

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One Response to “Foggy”

  1. don delwood says:

    yikes, nice photo.

    i’ve been amazed at how lucky you have to be and how unlikely is a great photo of a web. that in spite of how frequenty you see them and how lovely they are.

    you’ve done a great job. a virtual inprobability vertex – caught on virtual film.


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