Long Horses

Oh, my. BoingBoing has a story on pictures of long horses.

Go check it out. Damned funny stuff. Well executed. Had me checking the calendar to see if this was the most useless day on the ‘net.

The best is if you click through to the gallery.

My favorite, for title alone, is Too Many Puppies. Not because it is the best of the photos, but because it is the title of one of my favorite and all to unfortunately apropos Primus songs.

From a purely artistic perspective, I’m digging the stretch german shepherd.

These forum posts reveal some of the original photo sources.

Speaking of original photos, has anyone found the original stock photo series that Microsoft used for the rather odd Zunegasm screen shot?

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One Response to “Long Horses”

  1. John C. Randolph says:

    Isn’t that what the Germans would call a Dachshorse? Or rather, Dachspferd?


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