Life Imitates Napolean Dynamite

Update: *bing* *bing* *bing* We have a winner! The winner of the “too blinded by rage filled anonymous hatred to recognize sarcasm” award goes to Lake Effect!! Congratulations! And Thank you! The Internet never ceases to amuse.

Christ, people. Do you honestly think there is one ounce of my overweight self that actually takes these pinatas seriously? It is just some anonymous jeep shaped thing with crappy brown paper bits taped on and some random clueless looking generic, non-representative, soldier type cartoons on the side. If that stirs outrage — OUTRAGE — because you equate it to the whole “Iraq Adventure (Where you can declare that you have won over and over again!)”, then you seriously need to unclench the old diamond factory and relax a bit. Being wound so tight has gotta be seriously bad for your health! Especially since there are actual Really Bad Things to get wound up about.

It is just a damned pinata, people. Y’all been punk’d if you took it seriously.



BoingBoing is reporting the outrage — the OUTRAGE — caused by a pinata in the shape of a hummer with some soldier types in it.

And THANK GOD the company has since taken it off the market.

Why no horror at the reindeer pinata, the (not nearly as realistic) fighter jet pinata, the Dora pinata, or the space shuttle pinata?

But, really, is that all the outrage they can muster? How about focusing some of that toy based outrage — OUTRAGE!! AUGUHGHGHHH!! — at something remotely meaningful like this My Little Hooker Makeup Kit?

Except, of course, if you already have that toy in the house. If so, consider rounding out the collection with this invaluable educational toy.

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17 Responses to “Life Imitates Napolean Dynamite”

  1. Dan Wood says:

    That’s just silly. I do sometimes wonder, when my kids ask for a particular piñata character for their birthday parties, if they realize that they and their friends will be bashing the hell out of their hero/heroine!

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  3. Roberto says:

    WOW! I waz gonna’ buy the “mohammad praying to allah for the death of all infidals pinata” but this one looks way more cool!

  4. Mike says:

    There are *some* people I’d like to hang upside down and beat with a bat until the goodies came out.

  5. mns says:

    I smell straw man… Perhaps there is some verifiable proof that anyone on this planet was “outraged” by a pinata? All I see at the BoingBoing link is the typical BoingBoing “OMFG, SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE MIGHT POSSIBLY BE OUTRAGED BY THIS” followed by a mention that the pinata in question is no longer for sale. I hereby posit that *no one* was outraged, and that Jennifer “Xeni Jardin” Hamm was, as usual, just stirring up the proverbial fecal kettle.

    Then again, I’m biased.

  6. soldier says:

    As I soldier, who understands pinatas I thinks it’s cool!!!

  7. Matt says:

    Typical Media, is anyone else surprised ?

  8. Wayne says:

    I think some folks are missing the point of the piñata.

    It’s not something you hit with a stick because you don’t like it. It’s not an effigy.

    It’s like having a Humvee on your birthday cake. You cut through the cake in order to serve it, and that doesn’t represent any negativity towards the design on the cake at all. Quite the contrary — you put a design on the cake that the person likes.

    In fact, the most popular and traditional shape is that of the Star of Bethlehem. (There’s a religious history to the piñata as well.) Does that mean that those who break such a piñata are being anti-Christian? Hardly.

    Anyone who is outraged, or even perturbed, is a moron.


  9. John says:

    I would like to see a pinata shaped like the head of that goofball, Vicente Fox, who calls all these illegal immigrants in the U.S., “undocumented workers”.

  10. Amy says:

    Yeah right, the butterfly and donkey represent something as important as our soldiers. I don’t think so.

  11. Graycalx says:

    Amy is dead on. First off the pinata doesn’t bother me. Its not like they’re burning it in effige, so who cares. But comparing that to a reindeer? You my friend are crazy.

    No more round pinata’s! Won’t someone think of all the spheres in the world without a voice to protest! You don’t want your child hitting a ball… do you?

  12. bbum says:

    Amy has an active imagination to go from “Cardboard box covered in brown confetti paper with images of generic soldierly types” to “humvee full o’ american soldiers out to kick them up some insurgent ass”.

    Personally, I think all pinatas should be in the shape Summer Wheatly’s head. Mandate it by law. Any other shape is synonymous with supporting terrorism (and the boogey man, too).

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  14. Tom says:

    I cannot believe people are mad about this. When something is made into a pinata, it is something reveered. The fact that you hit it with a stick to get candy out is secondary. Hell I have seen a Cross pinata for a holy communion. Peopel need to get their panites out of their @sses.

  15. Soup says:

    I keep wondering what makes the soldiers in this pinata American. I mean, shocking though it may be, other countries DO have soldiers and those soldiers do wear, you know, helmets which is about the only identifying feature I can see in the image provided. I can’t help but wonder why anyone (much less the original poster, “Xeni”) automatically assumed the pinata was in any way associated with the USA.

  16. lake effect says:

    Pinata aside, what I r e a l l y don’t understand is the infantile mind that somehow, in some bizarre twisted way, can equate human lives with that of a butterfly or an imaginary(!) cartoon character. I can’t even imagine the mind-numbing knuckle-dragger who wouldn’t smack a mosquito because it’s equal to a parent, or wouldn’t kill a spider or tick in the baby’s blanket because it’s life is quite as important to the planet as is the infant. (Did this poor unibrow hill-dweller ever pick a rose? Cut the lawn? Get a bug spattered on the windshield? Eat food? Spray Raid? Burn firewood? Buy a Christmas tree?) What a mindless waste of oxygen this pathetic excuse for a human being is. I’d love to watch what would happen if attacked by mosquitoes some warm evening…what to do? Negotiate? Invite them into the house? Adopt them? Undress so they can find more nourishment? What a nut ball. You’re embarrassing yourself and screwing up the gene pool, you poor malformed cretin. Get off my planet.

  17. whatmeworry? says:

    You mean, if your little brother was about to get run over by a truck over here, and over there at the bus stop was a woman about to smash a spider with her foot, you’d have to >think

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