The Wii kicks butt. Nintendo knocked it out of the park. There are some definite usability issues — I actually had to RTFM to figure out some stuff — but it is quite enjoyable.

This is my first console that has a base operating system that is interesting to play around with without software loaded. Neat to create a “mii” — a Nintendo specific avatar — and then see said freaky little avatar dude showing up throughout the games.

If your Mii wants to wander into my Wii, my code is:

2322 7241 3220 4240

(Did you know that your Wii code changes when you send the unit in for repair? It does. Updated # shown above.)

The whole “connectedness” of the console is interesting.

And the whole new control thing is seriously cool! Wii Sports is a total blast to play. Of the games, baseball seems to be the weakest. Gold is quite a lot of fun. Tennis and Bowling are both pretty amusing. For the life of me, I can’t see to make the damned ball curve right in bowling! Or even go straight.

And we haven’t even dropped Zelda in, yet.

I saw the PS3 racing launch title. Stunning graphics, but stupid long load times and there doesn’t seem to be anything remotely innovative about it. Just higher-res, HD quality versions, of the same old games.

5 Responses to “Wii!”

  1. Kevin Ballard says:

    Hey bbum

    My Wii code is 7932 4885 2650 7927

    I just finished Zelda yesterday, that game is an absolute blast. Best Zelda to date, and that’s not easy to do.

    I also can’t curve the ball right in bowling, but I’ve played with people who can. It’s somewhat frustrating to see them curve it right over and over, and I can’t even go straight. But I’ve learned to compensate for the left curve and still get strikes.

  2. dom says:

    Hey bbum!

    I really like rayman raving rabbits. it’s funny like hell.

    here’s my wii code: 2080 2268 8967 8421

    cheers from the monkeys,

  3. John C. Randolph says:

    Can I get an HD version of Leisure Suit Larry?


  4. Peykan says:

    Hello, my Wii Code is:

    2887 2473 5227 8836

    I will add the people off this list to my address book.

    I also finished Zelda and have to say that it is my favorite in the series. Such a densely packed game, with more emotional impact than previous Zeldas in the series.

    I liked reading your comments about Wii Sports, because despite what I have read in several reviews, I found myself nodding my head along with your comments. This console, and most of the games I have played so far, absolutely demand to be played in party/multiplayer situations. I never thought I would enjoy golf, but there is enough in Wii Golf to keep me and my friends coming back most nights to try to knock back a few more holes. At the same time, Baseball is the weakest entry in the lineup.

    I just rented Call of Duty 3 and Elebits tonight. I hadn’t played any Call of Duties before, and I was really impressed by the game. It kept throwing intense surprises in my face and got me involved.

    Elebits looks cute, and I will be interested to see more.

    Tonight I took my Wii over to a big party situation, and I have to say that it never fails to draw in non-gamers. Rayman is amazing when you put it on for a group of casual or non-gamers in a party situation.

    Nintendo truly did indeed hit one out of the park, and I hope the console can keep up it’s momentum.

  5. Erik J. Barzeski says:

    I’ve added your code to my Wii. If you add mine we can exchange Miis.

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