More Wii Bugs & future game thoughts

I have run across a couple of more bugs in the Wii that, well, but me.

1. Wii Sports has a training mode. It is a blast to play! A whole series of little mini games specific to each sport. I am particularly enjoying the golfing ones (which is scary) and the last tennis one is a kind of modified breakout. Bowling is really cool except for my lack of ability to control the ball is frustrating.

Unfortunately, the training mode is not all it could be. It has medals — bronze, silver and, I would assume, gold medals.

The problem is that the training mode isn’t anywhere near what it could be. First, the medals aren’t displayed on the “select a mini game” page. So, it is a bit of guess work as to which mini games you have played and how well you have done.

Each sport has three mini games. To “open” the second two, you have to play the previous mini game of that sport. All you have to do is just show up. It would be a lot more interesting if you had to actually achieve a goal — get a medal of some type, say — to open the next game.

Worse, each individual “Mii” — character or family member — has a different “sporting record” and, as you play, the game keeps track of high scores and the like.

But it doesn’t use any of this information for the actual skill games. There isn’t any particular personal Mii training that I have noticed. Nor does it build over time like a good training game should.

Nor does it give you Mii vs. Mii stats, medals, etc..


2. OK. Fine. I want my six year old son to discover the training mode in the same way I did. So, I’ll just go into the data manager and erase the Wii Sports data. I’m not really attached to the scores or anything.

Except that when I did that, the controller become unbound from the Wii. And it wouldn’t re-discover by simply hitting the red buttons until I rebooted the unit. Annoying.

Future games

The tennis skill game that is a lot like breakout has potential. One could totally see a killer, swing the paddle style, breakout game with the controller.

Actually, you could probably get away with remaking a bunch of old school games with updated graphics and new controls. Given the network capabilities, a multiplayer dungeon crawler a la D&D would kick some serious butt.

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