A boy, his puppy, and dry ice….

Ruby & Roger Playing With Dry Ice

We were given some christmas gifts that required dry ice during shipping [thanks, mom!]. Dry ice is not something that our son, Roger, or the youngest of our two dogs, Ruby, had any clue about.

So, of course, that required that the dry ice be dropped in a pot of water in the middle of the kitchen!

And fun was definitely had! Ruby pretty much lost it with excitement over all this weird cold fog like stuff pouring out of the pot and Roger just about lost it (with laughter) blowing clouds of fog into Ruby’s face.

5 Responses to “A boy, his puppy, and dry ice….”

  1. mom bum says:

    sipping or shipping?

  2. Kevin Marks says:

    If you have any left, my boys have some further suggestions for playing experimenting with it.

  3. Jussi says:

    Ruby certainly makes a great face in the photo, reminds me of the Hound of Baskervilles 🙂

  4. Dad says:

    sometimes i think u r all fogged up!!!

  5. Random Person says:

    You know, too much dry ice is bad for animals 😛

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