Lucky Duck? No, Stupid People.

Taking a break from the Mexico write-up for a moment…

So, by now most have seen this story of:

– hunter shoots duck

– hunter puts duck in fridge without first cleaning it

– 2 days later duck moves when wife opens the fridge

How does this story end? Obviously, the hunter finishes the job and enjoys a fine duck dinner.

Nope. Instead, the duck has now been subjected to some further traumatizing and likely very expensive “specialized treatment”. Only a 75% chance of survival and will likely never be returned to the wild. Who pays for the medical expenses, exactly? More importantly, why?

I think I’ll have to grill some duck this week.

5 Responses to “Lucky Duck? No, Stupid People.”

  1. n[ate]vw says:

    I’d heard the story, but I’m still impressed by how succinctly you drew out the irony of the whole deal!

  2. Julian Grey says:

    He is back.

  3. Heartless says:

    It’s a dipshit gun nut, his wife probably thought it was a religious experience or something.

    Aside from that, you seem a bit callous. How old are you? You wouldn’t save the life of your cat if he had “only” a 75% chance of survival?

  4. bbum says:

    You are comparing a duck that was the target of a hunt to put food on the table to a family cat? Do you also have an emotional attachment to the steak on your plate (if you are a meat eater)?

    That seems pretty screwed up to me. I’d go all out for the family cat. And I would have immediately killed the duck and cleaned it properly.

    It is a wild duck. Food on the wing. Flying meat. This isn’t a family pet.

    Sure, people have pet ducks and I would expect that given a similar situation, a perfectly reasonable response would be to blow some serious dough saving the family duck’s life.

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