ATHF LED kits anyone??

If someone starts selling reasonably priced ATHF LED advertisement kits, I’d buy in a heartbeat. Can’t be hard to build; just a bunch of LEDs with a bit of a driver circuit to shut the crap off in the daylight.

The reality impaired scaretardos that have now arrested and charged one of the makers with something like “conspiracy to build a hoax device or placing a hoax device with purpose of creating mass hysteria” disgust me.

Sadly, though it would seem that even a half assed lawyer should be able to show that there was no intent to either induce mass hysteria or create a hoax terror device, I fully expect that the completely corrupt asshats leading the domestic terrorism jihad will be able to make whatever charges they can come up with stick. Jail time for LED boy.

Of course, this does raise a question: Can “we the people” bring a case against the overreacting dumbasses for “inciting mass hysteria” by turning every fracking out of place light, candle, or farting high school student into an act of potential terrorism?

Hell, even by writing this pointless little bit of disgusted venting, I fully expect I’ll end up on some federal watch list somewhere. Oh, wait, there is that fear & hysteria thing again — if more than 3 of you feel the same way, we might just have a case on our hands.

But I digress. Anyone selling kits yet?

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5 Responses to “ATHF LED kits anyone??”

  1. Dan Grassi says:

    This is becoming a sad place to live with everyones irrational fears.

  2. Mitch from Boston says:

    Check out

  3. Neo says:

    I dont think it had anything to do with “domestic terrorism” at all; this reeks of a cover-your-ass play by a bunch of clueless government droids who wound up blowing apart a light up sign that was part of some silly “viral” marketing campaign (the message of which was so completely obscure I doubt the money was well spent).

    Something similar happened to some teenagers who put up mysterious “golden cubes” with question marks, like those in Super Mari Bros video games. Government droids freaked out and blew up one or two or something, making themselves look like complete fools and blamed their overreaction on the teenagers.

    An individual by themself is smart and coherent and not frightful of LED signs of Mooninites; government agencies are dumb, scared and easily made fools of by LED signs of Mooninites. No jihad needed (nice to denigrate a real problem by linking it to this silly spectacle of Blue State government).

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