Best “No Comment” Response Ever

What happens after someone heads out of the courthouse after an arraignment hearing for an extremely visible, supposedly newsworthy, set of charges?

There is a press conference. Attorney is present. Lots and lots of inane questions followed by nothing but “no comment” responses.

Not any more. The two dudes charged with a bunch of mass hysteria security theater trumped up bullshit charges just had the best post arraignment press conference ever.

Instead of no comment, the entire interview is a discussion of hair styles throughout the 20th century. Every question is turned away or turned back to hair.

Instead of “No Comment”, you get “That isn’t a hair question and we are really here to talk about hair.”


Drudge is carrying this video under the headline “suspects mock media”.

Well, DUH! Given the choice of saying “no comment” or making fun of the media for persisting to ask questions that they know can’t be answered, I am damned happy to see someone stand up and indirectly point out the utter and completely inane stupidity of the reporters on the scene.

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15 Responses to “Best “No Comment” Response Ever”

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  2. Dad says:

    Funny, real funny. But they could have averted all this hysteria if they had gotten a permit to do the promotion.
    What i really think is that they were putting those lights aroune so a flying saucer could land in Boston and take Ted Kennedy away forever. it would have had to be a real BIG ship to fit his head into it.

  3. Andrew says:

    They could have averted hysteria if the media weren’t a bunch of lazy chumps. Since when have we had to consciously avert hysteria with this sort of stuff? C’mon America!

  4. Jeff says:

    This was done in other cities as well, with no hysteria…

  5. bbum says:

    Hell, it was done in Boston for at least 2, if not 3, weeks with no knee jerk hysteria either.

  6. Arthur Davidson Ficke says:

    While I certainly thought they had the right idea, I honestly don’t think they pulled it off very well. It was funny, but certainly not as funny as it could have been. Those guys were no comedians that’s for sure.

  7. bbum says:

    Oh, please. Do you think they sat around the court room and rehearsed that? Are they professional comedians? Actors, even?

    Do you think you could have done better? … after an arraignment where “significant prison time” might very much be a reality?

    If Jerry Seinfeld had done the same then, yes, I’d be disappointed. Given the set, setting, and individuals involved, I’m pretty damned impressed.

  8. Nick S says:

    “I’m sorry, that’s not a hair-related question” really does need to enter the vocabulary of future post-arraignment press-conferences.

  9. mgroves says:

    These guys are totally guilty…of being complete jackasses. But I don’t think that’s a legally punishable defense.

  10. Q.Random says:

    I want to know which reporter said, “Are you afraid that you’ll have to cut your hair if you go to prison?” That was brilliant, too.

    Sure the crimes they have been charged with are serious, but they clearly are not guilty of reducing the average IQ of Boston to the point where people think a home made Light Bright looks like a bomb for crying out loud. They won’t go to jail if the law still works in Boston. On the other hand, now that we are living in a country where habeus corpus has been suspended by the Military Commissions Act of 2006, they might get carted off to Gitmo and never be heard from again. The best way to prevent that is to be highly visible, like answering only hair questions at the press conference. Now everybody in the country knows if they suddenly disapear. Perhaps when the Ministry of Love has sent copies of 1984 to all the members of Congress who voted to legalize torture (like waterboarding ) and strip your civil rights, this act might be repealed.

    Common sense is not dead. It’s resting.

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  15. Bob Diamond says:

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