A new member of the weblogging community….

Steve Jobs joined the ranks of webloggers today. Mr. Jobs has a rather high profile URL with an RSS feed that spans much more than his personal essay(s?) and an entire company’s worth of contributors.

The first post is quite the mind bomb.

Personally, I hope this is the first of many such posts.

Update: No, I don’t think that Steve’s rather poignant essay is a blog post. But, really, why not? As corporations increasingly rely upon the web to disseminate both formal press releases, success stories, and anecdotal information, where does is the line drawn between “web site” and “weblog”?

There is an URL… an RSS feed… The ‘hotnews‘ section of Apple’s site is certainly a sort of corporate weblog.

This post serves two purposes.

First, go read the essay. It is really is quite interesting.

Secondly, what is the definition of a weblog? Where is the line between corporate news collection and corporate weblog? Apple’s “hotnews” section often has non-press release content. Does that make it a weblog?

5 Responses to “A new member of the weblogging community….”

  1. rama says:

    Did Apple/Jobs really call that a “blog”?

  2. Amie says:

    I have no issues calling that feed a blog. It disseminates information the same way, and it’s not worth getting into a squabble over semantics.

    That being said, I thought it was a fantastic essay, and I do hope to see more of its ilk in the future!

  3. a glob of nerdishness » says:

    […] Just one other piece to point your attention to, with a little background: Apple, long known for its “tight lips sink ships” policy, has in recent years been accused of committing the Web 2.0 faux pas of not reaching-out-to-customers and not promoting-open-discussion via the Blog Bandwagon. But Bill Bumgarner (one of many blogging Apple employees, ironically enough) welcomes a new Apple blogger that shouldn’t be overlooked. […]

  4. n[ate]vw says:

    I’d agree with your observation: Apple’s “Hot news” feed is one form of blog. However, it’s not really what some folks wish Apple would do more of: blogs.msdn/weblogs.mozzillazine-style omphaloskepsis from developers about new features and underlying motives, with a chance for users to chime in publicly as well as shamelessly self-promote through ugly trackbacks like the one my glob just left (sorry about that). Personally, I respect Apple’s closed style more than, for example, Garmin‘s, where I can’t tell if they’re well meaning but trying too hard, or just making sure they have all the marketing bases covered.

  5. PAPA JOE says:

    answer to your second query: What is a weblog?

    answer: worldwide bsing.

    keep on blogging but keep a shovel handy!!

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