Tequila Los Abuelos now available in South Bay / Cupertino area!!

Tequila Los Abuelos

Tequila Los Abuelos is now available at Coach House Wine, Liquor and Deli at the corner of Prospect & De Anza right at the border between Cupertino & Saratoga.

Los Abuelos is 100% Blue Agave tequila made in the traditional fashion. No flavoring, no oxygenation, nothing but 100% pure Agave tequila!

If you are looking to add a tequila to your bar that will blow people away, find Los Abuelos! (Josh busted me — it said “our bar”. Maybe I’ll try mass hypnosis next.)

Los Abuelos is a boutique brand. I was introduced to this fine tequila by Guillermo Sauza, the fifth generation son of the Sauza family. Yes, that Sauza family.

Guillermo has restored his grandfather’s original distillery to make Los Abuelos (which means, literally, “the grandparents”).

Los Abuelos uses stone ovens to roast the agave, a tahona — large stone wheel — to crush the roasted penas, actual wood fermentation barrels (very very rare in tequila making these days) and, of course, wood aging barrels.

The end result is an amazing product. I have raved about it on my weblog before.

Distileria La Fortaleza

It is an incredibly smooth and drinkable product. I would highly recommend that you start with the reposado as it seems to most distinctly highlight the quality that has resulted from Guillermo’s attention to detail and respect for tradition.

I have more photos from Distileria La Fortaleza that I will post along with a full write up. The above photo was actually taken inside of the caves at the distillery that will eventually be used for aging the tequila. When I visited, we were invited into the cave to enjoy some music and, of course, some Los Abuelos tequila!

10 Responses to “Tequila Los Abuelos now available in South Bay / Cupertino area!!”

  1. MrAgave says:

    Excellent photo!

  2. Josh says:

    Nice typo / subliminal message:

    ‘If you are looking to add a tequila to our bar that will blow people away, find Los Abuelos!’


  3. peterb says:

    The photo of the three bottles of tequila is fantastic. How much work was it to get that shot lit correctly? Or were you just lucky?

  4. bbum says:

    Neither. I take lots of low light, long exposure, pictures. As a result, this shot didn’t take terribly long to get right. Only a couple of tries before I figured I had a decent potential of at least one good shot.

    The bottles are lit from underneath on that promotional stand and we were in the cave. So the bottle lighting was relatively easy. The challenge was one of exposure and configuring the camera correctly. As you might imagine, the camera’s auto-exposure fu is not optimized to such a situation!

    For such shots, it is almost required for you to set the shutter speed and focus manually. I’ll typically also go full manual mode and adjust the Aperture, too. If I have the luxury of time, I’ll take several shots with different exposure meter, over exposing and under exposing a couple of shots just in case the camera is lying (which it’ll do).

    The key trick is to use the “timed shot” mode on the camera. That way, I can hit the shutter button and step away from the scene and let the camera do its thing for the 0.5 to 5 or so seconds that the shutter will be open. If shooting this way, always remember to put your hand over, but not touching, the eyepiece of the camera to limit light pollution from coming in through that particular set of optics.

  5. Bob says:

    This tequila is available at multiple locations down here in San Diego. Good to see it’s getting into some more markets.

  6. bbum’s weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » crab, Crab, CRAB, CCCRRRRRAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBBB!!! (and LOTS of tequila) says:

    […] Guillermo shared many bottles of Los Abuelos with us. Los Abuelos is an awesome tequila, as I have mentioned before. […]

  7. Tea Leaves - SLO as in “Slow” says:

    […] BevMo, of course, and also the little diamond The Coach House, in Cupertino, where one can find Tequila Los Abuelos. While at the latter facility, I stumbled across a bottle of Amaro Nonino, one of my favorite […]

  8. Bob D. says:

    Can this be found in the Los Angeles area? Online search results are all down south.
    Regards, Bob

  9. bbum says:

    I don’t know the LA area at all, but there are two stores listed as carrying this rather awesome product:

    Lake Forest/Irvine
    Wine Pavillion

    Los Angeles
    Ramirez Liquors

  10. Tara says:

    I just met Guillermo Sauza at a Tequila tasting in LA and wow this tequilla rocks, lucky you got to go to the actual distillery.

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