67% of Wii Users Prefer Blue over Red

Did you know that 67% of Wii users prefer the color blue over red?

And while it is a relatively even preference across the country, Mississippi and West Virginia have a higher percentage of those who favor blue over red?

Or that 69.5% of men prefer the color blue while only 61.6% of women prefer the color blue?

Finally, just about 70% of the people asked correctly predicted that blue would be the favorite color?

Of course, for many people that might read this, their first question might be “Why the hell does bbum know this?”

It is because of the The Vote Channel which Nintendo quietly released a little over a week ago.

What an absolutely brilliant potential revenue generator. Here is a fun little bit of user participation software that lets users both express their opinion and — to add a little bit of competition — predict what everyone else might think.

For worldwide polls, the vote channel also breaks down results by gender, nationality, and accuracy per nationality.

With 1.4 million units sold in North America through January-ish 2007, there is a potential of a little over 8 million voters as you can have up to six Miis per unit “registered” to vote. Given Nintendo’s success outside of traditional gaming markets, the potential set of participants is probably a more representative and, even if only 10% or 20% of Wii units participate, larger sample size than the typical opinion polls found in the news or market research.

And we are only around 3 months into the Wii’s presence on the market. Given the sales figures, it wouldn’t be surprising to see 10 million units in the global market by year’s end. Optimistic? Sure.

That is one hell of an information resource. How long until Nintendo offers pay-for-placement questions? And Nintendo has already created a virtual concurrency and virtual marketplace. That is, Nintendo already has a currency that could be used to reward users for participation.

Exactly how much would a company pay to have access to such a potential market research tool? And how many users might take it a whole hell of a lot more seriously if they were rewarded with virtual console purchase points for participation?

Sign me up!

Update: Roy says that he doesn’t think that Nintendo is going to ramp up manufacturing to be able to reach a total of 10M units sold into the North American market this year. I agree. 10M into the NA market is way too high and I added the word “global” to the sentence above to make it clear what I intended.

10M in the global market is still an optimistic number. But there are a number of indications that it is not unreasonable. Notably, Wii’s ongoing sales performance is incredible strong. It has carried through sales numbers beyond the holiday season that are unprecedented.

A Merrill Lynch analyst is predicting that 30% of US households will own a Wii by 2011.

I also find it coincidentally interesting that Nintendo has stopped manufacturing the GameCube (not that the GC ever achieved the rabid popularity of the Wii).

Given the wild success of the Wii — the success well beyond the most optimistic estimates of Nintendo — I fully expect that it will take Nintendo a while to fully address the much larger customer base than expected.

A good problem for a company to have.

4 Responses to “67% of Wii Users Prefer Blue over Red”

  1. Manton Reece says:

    Interesting analysis! Like many people, I was surprised by the vote channel, but the design is so well executed you can’t help but have fun with it. That’s what I love about Nintendo — I’m not even sure they knew where they were going with this, only that it has a lot of potential.

  2. Roy says:

    I don’t think Nintendo is going to scale up manufacturing at this date, and demand continues to far outstrip supply. I believe Nintendo could *sell* 10 million units but I’m not sure they could deliver them. The Wii launched on or about Nov. 19, so your 1.4 million figure comes to only about a half-million units per month. I would buy one at retail in a heartbeat if it were possible without loads of work tracking one down.

  3. Carl says:

    Hey, I followed a link to your piece about Mail cleanup, and then I browsed and notice you wrote about “Everybody Votes.” I actually wrote about it the other day, too. In my piece, “Does ‘Everybody’ Vote?,” I did the math and found that according to the results Nintendo puts out, 75% of the Miis who vote are males and only 25% are female. I think that’s a kind of interesting statistic given that Nintendo is supposed to be pushing the Wii as “the system for everybody.” What do you think?

  4. bbum says:

    Yeah — I was noticing the same, but didn’t do the math. It is pretty clear that the results are skewed. The worldwide polls are even more skewed — I mean, how many people in Guatemala have a Wii?

    It’ll all average out over time and, if Nintendo were to want to generate revenue off of it, Nintendo would have to provide enough detail to iron be able to quantify error rates, etc…

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