Random BGE & Smoker Stuff.

A friend, MacDude, asked me for some details on buying a Big Green Egg. This spurred me to update my So you wanna buy a Big Green Egg? article with information I have learned since I wrote that early last year.

If you are considering the purchase of a BGE or kamodo style ceramic cooker, go have a read of said article as it might help.

In other news, Ben Holt has completed the documentation of his Terra Cotta Smoker. It is quite well constructed and he has done some great cooks on it. Next up? He is going to hack together some kind of simple temperature control system that can be used to do longer term cooks without having to futz with the cooker every 10 to 15 minutes. Nice hack!

Update: In a post responding to this one, Auroralux indicated interest in constructing a terra cotta smoker. Specifically:

I know we already have the biggest part, the large terra cotta pot, because we purchased it several years ago to help heat our oven evenly for making roasts.

Neat. I hadn’t heard of doing this, but it certainly sounds like a good idea. Anyone have any more information?

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  1. the blogging » Big D.I.Y. Egg says:

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  2. Ben Holt says:

    The terra-cotta oven roasting trick is another Good Eats thing, see Scene 10 Celebrity Roast; haven’t tried it myself, but the dry-aging instructions earlier in the episode are great…

  3. Wayne Prather says:

    Yuo might want to look at this site. I met him at a cook0off two years ago and he now has his temp control perfected, I dont have one yet but it looks good.



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