Swallowtail Whispering

Roger And Swallowtail

As I have previously mentioned, my son has a natural rapport with all things bug and bug like.

Last fall, Roger found a chrysalis on a fence at a friend’s house during a party. He carefully collected it, brought it home, and stashed it away in his room. We had completely forgotten about it.

This morning, Roger found the pictured swallowtail butterfly crawling up the leg of a chair. The butterfly had emerged!

So, the morning was spent teaching a butterfly how to fly. It is doing quite well.

Anise Swallowtail

As far as I can tell, it appears to be an Anise Swallowtail common to western North America. The caterpillars eat plants from the carrot family, the citrus family, and the Apiaceae family.

We have seen old chrysalises — chrysalii? — hanging from birch trees, off of various plants, and on fences. Fairly common in the bay area. Keep a eye out for ’em as the caterpillars are easy to care for and the emerging butterflies are both extremely beautiful, very educational for young ones and a lot of fun.

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One Response to “Swallowtail Whispering”

  1. Matt Swann says:

    Gorgeous shots — the depth of field is just perfect. Well done!

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