Cocktail: Muddled Mango Margarita

So, now you have a pile of peeled and pitted mango halves. What to do?

Make a Muddled Mango Margarita!!

1. place a half of a mango (yeah — “mango”… not “margarita” like I original said — though that might be a good start, too 🙂 ) in a tall drinking glass

2. add a few leaves of mint

3. muddle well (mango should largely liquify and the mint should be good and bruised)

4. add 2 to 4 ounces of good tequila (Herradura’s Blanco is an awesome choice — rested 40 days such that it is smoother than a regular silver yet still carries all the vegetal agave flavors)

5. add a bunch of ice — maybe fill the glass to halfway

6. If you can get it, nearly fill the glass with Tommy’s Heavenly Margarita Mix. If not, squeeze in the juice of one meyer’s lemon, add about a teaspoon or so of cane sugar (to taste), and nearly fill with either water or soda water.

7. Float cran-raspberry juice on top. Or, to acknowledge current popular culture (because, you know, I just care so much about popular culture), float some pomegranate juice on top (no, pomegranates are not new — ancient fruit — just that pomegranate juice seems to be all the rage these days).

The result is delicious and refreshing. Vary the ratios depending on taste.

2 Responses to “Cocktail: Muddled Mango Margarita”

  1. dolapo says:

    Sounds delicious, can’t wait to try it. Though I assume in step 1 you mean: place a half of a mango in a tall drinking glass 🙂

  2. Jeffrey J. Hoover says:

    Um, pomegranates have been around for a long time in human history…

    See Persephone


    Although, I do admit to seeing a bit of a resurgence in their popularity.

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