Wii: Sad day for me

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my Wii was having video problems. Others indicated that it was likely a hardware issue.

I called Nintendo and they sent me a shipping label and instructions for returning it for repair.

Finally did that today. The problem has gradually gotten worse over time. Not surprising for something that is likely impacted by heat.

Sad? Yes. My son and I are nearing the end of Zelda and he has totally gotten into Super Mario World.

And my GameCube has died. The drive has stopped reliably reading discs! I picked up a tool for opening it and will try cleaning it. If that doesn’t work, an optical pickup unit can be had for about $30.

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2 Responses to “Wii: Sad day for me”

  1. Guillermo Esteves says:

    Don’t feel too bad about it, according to Joystiq, if Nintendo gives you a brand new Wii they should transfer all your Mii information (and save games, I assume), and Wii Shop account so you can re-download your VC games for free.

  2. bbum says:

    Yeah — they said as much on the phone.

    Sad day ’cause I’ll have to go nearly 2 weeks without playing Paper Mario, Super Mario World, Zelda, Wii Sports, or voting on very important stuff. 🙂

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