Restaurant Sent Sovi — Amazing. Delicious.

Christine and I headed to Sent Sovi Restaurant. We opted for the Grand Tasting Menu. In other words, beyond indicating preferences, allergies, and a wine budget in a pre-consultation, we left our dinner choices in the hands of Chef/Owner Josiah Slone (who, btw, has a weblog!)

We are open minded folk, have no allergies, and went for a modest wine budget (my palate ain’t trained for wine — tequila? got it). In other words, the chef pretty much had free rein.

And Chef Josiah did wonders! We will be going back Definitely.

The full menu follows in the rest of the post…

  • Chilled Poached Prawns with Chili Hoisin Sauce, coupled with champagne. Perfectly cooked prawns with a dipping sauce of nicely spicy, slightly fruity, sauce served on a bed of arugula shoots.
  • Fresh Malpeque Oysters with Sherry Mignonette accompanied by a few drops of lemon. The Sherry Mignonette was actually delivered as the marinade of a dollop of caviar on top of each oyster. First oysters I have had since I became a statistic last year. Good way to get back on the wagon. Damned good!
  • Terrine of Artisan FOie Gras with Strawberry and Pecan Salad, coupled with a white Sauternes wine. Most foie gras is seared; slightly crispy on the outside and warm/gooey in the middle. This was completely different. It was a light little cloud of intense foie gras served on a crumbly cracker / cake like thing. To add texture, there was a crispy, slightly aromatically sweet, layer on top — kind of like creme brulée. The wine was intensely sweet, but exactly the right coupling with the savory flavors of the foie gras.
  • Mt. Fuji White Sweet Potato Soup, coupled with a Napa Chardonnay. Such an innocent name for an amazing and complex soup. Served with a dollop of something creamy in the center of the soup and served with a bit of essence of lemon. Refreshing. The creamy stuff was still a little chilled while the soup was just the perfect heat. Oh, and they served the soup with a homemade loaf of basil sourdough bread that was just perfect for dipping.
  • Lobster Stuffed with Aromatics, coupled with a Russian River Pino Noir. Take a lobster. Half it. Talk the meat, sauté it with a bit of herbs, add some more aromatics, add béchamel sauce, then put it all back into the lobster half. Sprinkle with spiced bread crumbs. End result? Tender juicy hunks of lobster in a rich, buttery, sauce with lots of complex herb flavors. We had no compunction about ripping apart the lobster halves to get to the good bits inside!
  • Toast Points with Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Purée stuffed with Dijon Mustard. That pretty much exactly describes it. The salmon was of excellent quality and coupled very nicely with the mild dijon mustard.
  • Roasted Gold Beets with Truffle And Apple. A light refresher course before the second entrée. Simply crisp beets and apple coupled with truffle shavings and sprinkled with the tiniest bits of scallions I have ever seen. All with a light and refreshing sauce to tie it together.
  • “Surf and Turf” — Porcini Dusted Scallop and 18 Hour Braised Oxtail on a Melange of Spring Mushrooms, coupled with a 1998 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. Oh, where to start. The scallop was perfect. Just a slight hint of Porcini on an otherwise perfectly white cylinder of delicious meat. However, the oxtail was truly spectacular. It was served in a pulled style — shredded — and coupled with a rich and delicious mushroom sauce on top of bit of almost a pie shell and then dusted with tiny crunchy bits made from marrow. Rich, meaty, and off the charts good. I chatted with Chef Josiah and now know exactly what tools to use to do this style of slow braising. I shall be doing my best to try and achieve something as delicious as this dish in my own kitchen.
  • Stilton with Honeycomb. Stinky Stilton served with honeycomb for which the wax just fell away in your mouth. I don’t like stinky foot cheeses, but I’m a complete honey junky. Our excellent waiter noticed my dislike of the stilton and offered to bring me something to my liking. And he did in the form of Purple Haze Goat Cheese, made with lavender and wild fennel seed. Scrumptious! And available on Amazon! Ordered!

  • Chocolate “Deluxe” & Fruit Plate. A plate with a beautiful presentation of a chocolate creme, a truffle, and a no-flour warm chocolate cake with a cream sauce. Nice fresh fruit plate on the side. A perfect finish. I had a glass of Bonny Doon Framboise. A port like dessert wine infused with chocolate dust and brandied raspberries.

*whew* Now that was a meal. About 3 hours. Worth every penny. Chef Josiah and the Sent Sovi staff were gracious, generous and struck that perfect balance of personable and professional. They seated us in what was, effectively, a private room for the first two hours of our meal.

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7 Responses to “Restaurant Sent Sovi — Amazing. Delicious.”

  1. rama says:

    Sounds delicious. Sauternes may very well be my favorite wine. Its sweetness doesn’t lend itself to daily drinking (nor does its price), and it doesn’t pair with everything, but a good Sauternes is incredibly complex. Sorta like the Lambic of wine.

  2. Amie says:

    Oh my, I am actually going to be in the neighbourhood on the day of the next Vin Sum event! I wonder if our flight will be late enough for us to make it? That menu sounds utterly to die for!

  3. bbum’s weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » Random Sampling of Apple Centric San Jose / Cupertino Area Eateries says:

    […] favorite gourmet meal kind of place. I wrote up a chef’s tasting experience a while ago. It was simply awesome. Unlike some “cutting edge” dining establishments, […]

  4. Foie Gras says:

    My one and only time tackling a Menu Gourmande was in the outskirts of Strasbourg, France.

    The Hostellerie Lécrevaisse in Brumath was a stopover between the UK and Italy both sides of a holiday that we originally booked for a cheap room.

    The meal was good at the start of the holiday and we were welcomed back like family when we returned a week later. We opted to try the menu gourmande which was a selection of speciality dishes as developed by the family through the generations.

    I have never ever been so satisfied by a meal …. my wife and I actually elected to skip 2 of the 10 or so courses and still struggled to get upstairs to bed. Even in bed, it was impossible to lie comfortably on our backs with the weight of our very full stomachs giving great discomfort.

    It is the only time that I would consider a meal to be absolute gluttony – yet at the same time, I have to be honest and say that the meal was a fine as any I have had in Michelin starred restaurants.

    In the end our restaurant bill was around 10 times the cost of our room, but it was a fabulous meal.

  5. Chad - Hobart Mixers says:

    Fresh Malpeque Oysters with Sherry Mignonette sounds breath thinkingly delicious. Sounds like a restaurant that my wife and I need to visit.

    Thanks for the review,

  6. Marco says:


    The meal you had sounds wonderful. From what you have described it seems that you have decovered a great chef.

    I love eating out and have always wanted to try my namesakes (Marco Pierre White) restaurant. However after watching his new show I am not so sure.

    On Marco’s Great British Feast he has been cooking things like grey squirrel pie, and gulls eggs with mayonnaise.

    He might be a great chef but whose food would you prefer to eat, his or your chefs?

  7. Crawfish says:


    I thought you were listing their whole menu before I realized that you were only outlining the meal you enjoyed. What a feast, and it sounds delicious!

    We’re flying out to SF in a couple weeks. Originally the plan was to drive up the coast towards Seattle, stopping along the way at interesting spots and of course, for good food. You just convinced me to make a detour first and stop by Sent Sovi! I’ll be sure to let Chef Josiah know that it was because of you 😉

    (Maybe I’ll even convince him to start cooking with live crawfish. Maybe then I can write the whole thing off as a business expense… lol!)


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