ClampTite Tool: A must have….

clamptite tool

Update: A couple of folks of asked where I bought my tools (I have two). I picked it up at Gemplers, which has proven to be a great company.

I’m a higher primate. I like tools. Can’t stand bad tools, though.

The clamptite tool is an amazing tool. One that every tool oriented primate should have.

With this tool and a bit of wire, you can create wire clamps of any size or tightness. I find myself using it for all kinds of tasks, ranging from emergency fixes to craft projects to gardening to permanent repairs. I use it so often that I picked up a 1,000 foot role of 19 gauge galvanized wire specifically for use with this tool.

Seriously, this thing is amazingly versatile. I have used it to:

  • Attach vinyl tubing to a copper pipe. Zero leaks. Super strong.
  • Fix wooden handles. Simply wrap in a little duct tape to keep things aligned and then use the clamptite tool to add a few wire clamps around the duct tape.
  • Fix loose tool heads. I had a rake that kept falling apart. I drilled a hole in the handle and made a wire clamp through the holes and around the head of the tool.
  • Connect posts together. For the crab party, I needed 8 foot tall posts for the corners of the tent over the back yard. Ben and I drove 6 foot metal posts deep into the ground and then used the clamp tool to tightly bind 8 foot tall wooden posts to the metal posts.
  • Brew beer. Ben created his own counterflow chiller (pain in the ass, btw) and one of the ends was leaky. To seal, we wrapped it tightly in duct tape and then added tight double-wrap wire clamps at either end of the tape. Not a single drop leaks now!
  • Repair my car. The silly little plastic wing thing on the back of my subaru forrester broke. I drilled a couple of small holes in it and used the wire clamp to tie the two pieces back together. Works great and looks neat (as in neatly done, not “cool”). The wire clamps can be used quite effectively to pull the ends of things together.
  • Make Stuff. I used the clamp tool to tie together 4 candle holders to make a candelabra that hangs over our table in the back yard.

Excellent tool.

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2 Responses to “ClampTite Tool: A must have….”

  1. gritmonkey says:

    That looks cool, I could have used one of them when my mother’s bumper starting falling off over her car. Can you believe it had these ridiculous plastic peg retainers? Where did you buy your tool at? Some of the websites looked slightly sketchy.

  2. bbum’s weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » Tieing Knots says:

    […] deep, then a wooden post a couple of inches deep next to it, and tie the two together with my wire clamp tool to make an extra tall post (as I did for the grape […]

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