Stop motion ‘splosions are cool, too.

Party Popper Dude

I finally picked up a Snap Shot II Strobe to play with some more hi-speed photography. Instead of the 1400th of a second or so of a disposable camera flash, the Snap Shot II generates about a 7000th of a second flash of light that is considerably brighter.

At left is a snap of the stuff in a party popper flying out. That it looks like a little exploding paper dude is happy coincidence.

I was hoping to be able to do multiple flash based photography. You know — the falling hammer shots where the hammer shows up a dozen times in a single frame?

Unfortunately, either the Snap Shot II or the Make Flash Photographer Kit doesn’t cycle quickly. I don’t think it is the strobe as it can do up to 15 flashes/second in automatic mode. While I can throw it in automatic mode, that isn’t nearly as much fun as triggering at certain points in an event sequence.

A problem for another day; the Strobe is clearly superior to the hacked up disposable camera. More light and faster, as can be seen when compared to this photo (strobe was much closer and, as can be seen by the motion blur, slower).

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  1. eric soroos says:

    I’ve got a couple of cheap old Sunpak 411 flashes from ebay (found for 1/32 in 5 steps. On full power, these are a normal strength flash, (guide number 100) and about 1/1000 of a second with a few second recycle. At 1/32, they are 1/15500 sec, with a subsecond recycle time. I’ve also got a more expensive Nikon SB28 with similar flash durations, but it has a 1/64 mode and an auto repeat, where it will go to 40 hz or so for quite a few flashes.

    These can be triggered by connecting to the pc cord /port and shorting the two wires — a pretty simple circuit that doesn’t take the same sort of high power work and bare capacitors that the Make trigger circuit uses. One caveat here is that I don’t know the lag from short to firing, it’s either a spec somewhere or it’s a trial and error thing.

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