Digicams with five second exposures?

On the spark post, K asked:

Are digital cameras with five second exposure times really that common?

It always pays to have lots of cash and expensive gadgets when you’re making all these money-saving Make projects…

Good question. But lots of cash and expensive gadgets are not needed.

Of course, all of the Digital SLR style cameras can do this. Most even have a “bulb” mode where you can manually click the shutter open and closed at will. I usually just stick with a 5 second or 2 second exposure and use my little homebrew remote trigger.

If the $500 or so entry point into the DSLR market is too steep for you (or the cameras are just too damned big), then you can go with any of a number of compact and sub-compact cameras that can do multi-second exposures.

I quickly bopped over to DPReview.com and used their buying guide (link on left nav bar — can’t direct link it due to Ajaxian stupidity) to do a Features Search on:

  • Min Shutter: 30+ seconds
  • Price: < $200
  • Only Current: YES

Thinking that there might be one or two. Wrong. There are at least 10 cameras that match the above. There is even a camera that can do timelapse photos — can be programmed to take a photo every N seconds/minutes — for under $200 that can also do 30 second exposures!!

(BTW: The fun factor payoff and collaborative creativity that all of this has fostered is awesome! Thanks to the Make folks for catalyzing this hack oriented age of enlightenment.)

2 Responses to “Digicams with five second exposures?”

  1. ssp says:

    Canon’s small cameras can go up to 15 seconds (if you read the manual to find that well-hidden feature) which may be enough for the original question. That should give an even broader choice.

  2. Roy says:

    “hack oriented age of enlightenment” – indeed… it does feel like a special time with all manner of hardware hacking possible, documented on the net, and relatively cheap.

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