Fatblogging: Huh?

Fatblogging: what the hell is that?

As far as I can tell, Jason Calcanis coined the term Fatblogging. The basic idea is to public post on your weblog your weight every day or week or something, then track your progress with pats on the back from the “blogosphere” or a bit of… um…. encouragement if you start to head in the wrong direction.

Whatever. I like the idea. I’m overweight — fat, even — and I know it. I can’t hide it without hiding from the world. Not my style.

I know it affects my health and that I need to change my lifestyle to fix it. And I know I can do it.

So, there you have it. Two weeks ago, I was 240 lbs. On a 6’1″ frame — not good, but better than a little over a year ago.

And that is what this is all about. I got here over the course of 15 years of slugitude and I ain’t gonna fix it overnight. That would be stupid. Some dumbass beach or named diet isn’t going to fix this. It is a lifestyle change. I already made a change to go from “in shape and underweight” to “slugdom” and I simply need to make another one to get back to being a healthy weight again.

Anyway — I’m not going to post my weight every week / day or whatever. This weblog has never been about schedules (hell, neither has my life). But I will post when I find things that work (and things that don’t).

Things that work:

– cut out food that is both bad for me and not a spectacular taste-gasm.

– bike to work, dig in the garden, fix up the house, go hiking, etc…

– cook my own food or, if too lazy, just eat raw veggies

(3lbs down so far…)

3 Responses to “Fatblogging: Huh?”

  1. Jim Roepcke says:

    Hi Bill,

    Congrats on your decision to lose weight! The more often you get your heart rate up (doctor’s say for at least an hour but I think every little bit helps) the easier it will be, and it looks like you’ve already found lots of ways to do that. Just talking about hiking gets my heart rate up. 😉

    I finally realized I had to lose weight last August, and blogged about it in September. I haven’t been updating my status, er, fatblogging, but at the time I did post a link to a Google spreadsheet that I said I would use to track my weight. I’ve kept that up. We recently found a home scale that can weigh me (without breaking ;-)), so now I update the spreadsheet more often. I doubt anybody watches it but me. 🙂

    Good luck with your weight loss, I hope you have to buy a new wardrobe soon!

  2. bbum says:

    Thanks! I managed to lose 17 lbs last year and gained 7 of it back over the winter. This year, I’m more focused. It really is all about changing mindset, habits, etc. for me. With a six year old who loves the outdoor and just learned to ride his bike, hiking and biking (beyond to/from work) are quite a natural addition.

    I’m using the Google 15 widget to track my weight. Brian Fitzpatrick wrote it, btw. Doesn’t draw graphs on Tiger’s Safari, but otherwise works and the Safari team has already fixed the problem in ToT.


  3. Andy Lee says:

    I too have felt the effects of too many years of slugitude. I started exercising regularly again about a year ago, and was startled at how much fitness I’d lost and how slowly I’m regaining it.

    I’ve found the No S Diet pretty simple, no-nonsense, and effective. I haven’t permanently changed my lifestyle around it; I only use it occasionally when I need pants to fit again. Now would be a good time to get on it for a few weeks, actually…

    For exercise, I sometimes wonder if something like the Shovelglove would suit me. I belong to a judo club and go to practice two or three times a week, but I need something supplemental to help with my fitness, and I never seem to make it to the health club.

    I’d try Dance Dance Revolution, as sad as the sight of a flabby middle-aged nerd hopping around to a computer game would be. But I live in a tiny flimsy apartment with a downstairs neighbor.

    I’ve thought of getting a Wii too, but I’m concerned about the noise issue.

    Best of luck — I look forward to updates!

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