Wii Fixed!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my Wii was barfing dots onto the display. The response indicated that this was most likely a hardware problem and that I should contact Nintendo. I did and they sent me a UPS tag to slap on a box — not the original carton, they advised! — for service.

I received the repaired unit this week and, sure enough, it was a hardware problem. Totally fixed. Display is completely solid and dot free. As well, the optical drive is much quieter now (I’m sure it is probably a new or refurbished unit and they simply transferred assets between the two).

Nintendo transferred all data between the two units except the data that could be downloaded from the shopping channel.

So, one software update later, I had the news and weather back. A few minutes of re-downloading various software from the Virtual Console and I was back up and running, with all saved data and purchased content restored!

Throughout the process, Nintendo’s web site provided excellent feedback as to exactly what was happening. While there are aspects of Nintendo’s web site that make me want to hurl, it does the job.

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