My favorite fishmonger at the farmer’s market — same one that I buy crab from for the crab party — has been getting this absolutely amazing wild canadian salmon.

It feeds almost exclusively on krill. As a result, the meat is extremely tender, has a very high good-for-you oil content, and there is no fish smell at all. None. Smells like really clean ocean water.

This week, I picked up three whole fish — about 8 lbs each at $5.50/lbs — and am breaking them down myself to be frozen. I need to photograph the process as, with the right tools and a couple of tricks, it turns out to be very easy to do. The end result is six absolutely perfect salmon steaks, some bones for stock and the heads.

Which brings me to a bit of a surprise. Google has failed me! I cannot find a recipe for grilled or roasted salmon heads & collars. I think I’ll just soak ’em in a bit of soy, lime juice, and powdered ginger, then grill ’em for a bit.

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5 Responses to “Salmon!”

  1. John C. Randolph says:

    “Fish smell” is mostly a matter of freshness. If you let that salmon sit on the counter for a day, you’d smell it, allright.


  2. ssp says:

    Just for curiosity’s sake. People often say that the ‘salmon colour’ we are used to from farmed salmon these days is strengthened by the fish being fed loads of beta carotene or other colourants. If your salmon grew like this, I guess it has its natural colour. How do they compare?

  3. rama says:

    thats insanely cheap. where’s this market- south bay?
    can’t help you with the fish heads- but be sure to preserve those tasty cheeks. whenever I cook a fish whole, thats always my favorite part.

  4. bbum’s weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » Grilling Salmon Heads says:

    […] I lamented that Google had failed to find a decent recipe for Salmon heads. And, after yesterday’s adventures, I had a pile o’ salmon heads that would be sad to […]

  5. Kristi says:

    Salmon is just one of those seafood items that I could literally eat every night for dinner. I love it, absolutely love it. And it doesnt matter which way you cook it or what you add to it or if its just S&P and some pads of butter and lemon.. IT IS GOOD! Another one of my favorite Salmon items, is smoked salmon or lox and cream cheese. God what a day I have when I get to have lox and cream cheese for breakfast lol.. It just makes everything better!

    Thanks for sharing your blog with us!

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