Daring Fireball mentions an interview with Chevy Chase where he mentions that Fletch is his favorite of the movie’s he has made.

I remember it as being one of my favorites, too, but it has been so long that it may be suffering from Gilligan’s Island syndrome (loved the show as a kid, realize now that I simply wasn’t yet smart enough to realize how truly lacking the show was).

I tried adding Fletch to my netflix queue but, oddly, it isn’t available . It is listed, but just not available.

For whatever reason, it went out of print as a DVD. But it appears that it will be re-released on May 1st. Neat!

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  1. Bruce Fancher says:

    – Madeline, Frieda lost the number for Alan’s realtor in Provo, Utah. Could you get me that? Jim Swarthout?
    – Yeah.

    – Who are you again?
    – I’m Frieda’s boss.

    – Who’s Frieda?
    – My secretary.

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