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Saturday, April 7th, 2007

My favorite fishmonger at the farmer’s market — same one that I buy crab from for the crab party — has been getting this absolutely amazing wild canadian salmon.

It feeds almost exclusively on krill. As a result, the meat is extremely tender, has a very high good-for-you oil content, and there is no fish smell at all. None. Smells like really clean ocean water.

This week, I picked up three whole fish — about 8 lbs each at $5.50/lbs — and am breaking them down myself to be frozen. I need to photograph the process as, with the right tools and a couple of tricks, it turns out to be very easy to do. The end result is six absolutely perfect salmon steaks, some bones for stock and the heads.

Which brings me to a bit of a surprise. Google has failed me! I cannot find a recipe for grilled or roasted salmon heads & collars. I think I’ll just soak ’em in a bit of soy, lime juice, and powdered ginger, then grill ’em for a bit.

Fatblogging: Flat tires blow. Slimed tires do not.

Friday, April 6th, 2007

Blown Bike Tire

Update:The tube finally gave up the ghost after another 20 miles of riding. In the future, I’ll fix it shortly after the tube gets holed at the first convenient opportunity.

And, yes, I will be using this stuff all the time from now on.

I’m overweight; 240 lbs on a 6’1″ frame just isn’t healthy. But 240 isn’t my peak weight. That was the year before last before I started biking to work. Didn’t really do it consistently in ’05, but did in ’06 and managed to lose about 17 lbs in the process (and in combination with a voluntary diet change to address a bit of an elevated cholesterol #).

This year, I’m riding every day that I can, starting to do so seriously with the earlier time change. Now, I had my adventures with flat tires. Six flats in 2 weeks when I first started riding. And a handful of flats in the year in between.

Today, I tangled with a flat tire, but it fixed itself. Read on for how…

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