Iris Time Again

Our neighborhood and community garden has been planting and trading Iris for a couple of decades. Every spring, there are clumps of iris of all different color combinations throughout the neighborhood. When the clumps need be divided, people simply place the removed portions of plant on their yard waste piles. Few of these ever get scraped and hauled away, though, as a neighbor will invariably see the potential plants, grab them, and stick ’em in a hole somewhere around their own house.

This spring has been a particularly spectacular year. And yesterday’s morning rain and intense ambient cloud filtered light made for a perfect opportunity to photograph some of the beautiful flowers throughout the area.

Actually, the abundance of flowers almost made it difficult simply because framing a shot to highlight a particular flower almost always included a neighboring bloom.

This one is one of my favorite colored blossom. It is all pastels from a desert palette like one that O’Keefe might have used.

White, purple, and a yellow fringed beard. A simple and striking combination.

These grow as a series of plants down the side of my house, planted by some previous occupant. More than a dozen blooms per plant and I think I’ll have to divide them this year. The bloom stalks are upwards of 5 feet tall. These are some very vigorous plants!

Plain purple. Elegant in its simplicity and highlighted by the brilliant orange of the beard.

This pile of flowers was one of the less dense bloom on this particular plant. The original image reveals the fine detail of the purple veins through the light blue of the petals of the bloom. The middle of these flowers is a sort of yellow cave with an explosion of color in it. What a remarkably architecture for a flower.

Simply stunning. The subtle golden browns of this bloom are of a color spectrum that one might not expect to find in nature. And “brown” does not typically evoke “popping with life” kind of thoughts, but this flower is certainly an explosion of life.

Again with the orange beard.

The ant almost looks as if it is genuflecting prior to entering the inner sanctum.

I’ll have to go out with my tripod in hand to try and capture the exquisite architecture of these flowers. One of my favorites.

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3 Responses to “Iris Time Again”

  1. Jer says:

    Nice flowers. We are still waiting for most of ours to bloom in New Hampshire.

    As chance would have it I’d just read this article before visiting your site and decided to try the technique on your flower shot using Monet’s Flowers as the color source. You can see the result: monetbbum.jpg. Kind of fun, thought you might enjoy trying the technique yourself.


  2. Amie says:

    Our irises finally opened yesterday, so I am definitely feeling inspired to go out and get some good shots!

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