Marker Faire!

The Maker Faire is this weekend!

I’ll have 2 restored pinball machines on site; the Addams Family Special Collectors edition and the Cyclone, about which I wrote the restoration article for Make.

eBoy has done one of his incredible posters for the Faire. And if you look at it closely, the pinball machines are there!

Unfortunately, one display on the Cyclone is dead and I haven’t found a replacement (or ponied up the $220 for the LED based upgrade). And the machine is resetting at random. More likely than not, attendees will be treated to me with my head buried inside of a pinball machine with soldering iron in hand as I try to find the one in about 200 diode that has gone bad.

One Response to “Marker Faire!”

  1. Jeffrey J. Hoover says:

    Wow. I’ll get to See BBum’s bum!

    Bringing the family, see ya there!

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