Useful Advice for Presenters at WWDC

So — been a bit quiet around here. Not terribly surprising. At Apple, we are all a bit busy prepping for a little event happening next week.

Anyway. Someone sent around this video. Very funny and very true. Does make me ask: where was this comedian performing such that the audience was effectively rolling on the floor laughing at such jokes?

For those wondering; Tommy’s on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday nights, this year.

Now back to slides…

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4 Responses to “Useful Advice for Presenters at WWDC”

  1. jpo says:

    Sad truth is that PowerPoint is so badly abused, just about any audience can relate to this routine. I saw Don at JavaOne a few years ago and he literally had people rolling on the floor – he puts on a great show.

  2. John C. Randolph says:

    Don’t do this.


  3. Charles says:

    Ha.. reminds me of a presentation I gave to some Apple VPs in Los Angeles about 20 years ago. Apple had just changed from the rainbow logo to the flat red logo, I thought it was kinda boring so I decided to snazz it up a bit. I was using Macromedia Director (I don’t think Powerpoint was released yet) and it had all the cool animation gadetry, so I decided to make the Apple logo spin around once, at the opening and closing slides. After the presentation, one of the VPs came up to me and excitedly asked, “HOW did you make that logo spin like that?!?” I said I just took the logo’s outline, did a few inbetweens in Illustrator 88, filled in the color in PixelPaint, imported the frames into Director, and sequenced them. He said “That’s amazing. Now DON’T EVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN. You do NOT mess with the LOGO!”

  4. Found on the Web » Off Deck says:

    […] How NOT To Make a PowerPoint: from the PowerPoint is the devil department. {via} […]

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