Random Notes from WWDC

Just some random notes…

I’m staying at the Hotel Adante. Good bandwidth and a nice walk to Moscone. Bandwidth is not via wireless, though, as each room has an ethernet port and they have free ethernet cables at the front desk. Airport Express is quite useful for sharing that connection..This is actually the second time I stayed here for WWDC, the first being my first year as an Apple employee in 2003.

Interesting neighborhood. Once block in the wrong direction and it can be a bit dodgy. One block the other way and it is incredibly pricy. Some amazing food in the area, though.

Speaking of, I ate dinner at Bordobudur this evening. Excellent fresh authentic indonesian cuisine for a very reasonable price. Had delicious grilled salmon with bean sprouts. Highly reccomend the place.

Had a fairly amusing encounter on the way to Moscone this morning. Ran into a dude begging for money near the conference center:

beggar dude: Spare some change?

Me: Don’t have any.

bd: Would your answer change if I asked you in Objective-C?

Me: If I had change, it would…

That had my laughing out loud, but for reasons beyond the obvious contextual humor. Shortly after WWDC last year, I took on the role of engineering manager of the Objective-C team (which explains the relative quiet around these parts over the last 10 months or so).

So, yeah, that was pretty damned funny. If I see the dude again, I’ll definitely give him some change.

I did find him again. Gave him a buck and had a pretty funny conversation about the whole thing.

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5 Responses to “Random Notes from WWDC”

  1. Clint says:

    i was wondering what your actual title/role was, i knew you were into management of sorts as per our last discussion. thanks for all the hard work that brings us obj c 2.0, i can’t wait to use it and the other new stuff coming

  2. julian says:

    What would you consider to be the ideal way for a bum to ask you for change in Objective-C?

    And would you mind if he didn’t use garbage collection?

  3. James Eagan says:

    What would you consider to be the ideal way for a bum to ask you for change in Objective-C?

    Well, if he’s a bbum, it would be part of his job description to bring about change in Objective-C…

  4. Nigel Kersten says:

    So I think he might be the same guy who was yelling at us on the way to the keynote…

    Bum: “Bill Gates sucks c**k!”
    Mac Geeks walk past
    Bum: “C’mon! Would you give me change if I said it in binary?”
    (random stream of ones and zeros follows…)

    Nice work on the session btw… *MMMMMMMFFFFFFFFF NDA Ninjas MMMMMMFFFFFFFFFF*

    That actually kind of reminds me of being at MacWorld and drinking at Dave’s Bar, standing outside with a friend

    Homeless guy shuffles up to us….

    HG: “What are you all doing here?”
    Us: “Well there’s this MacWorld thing…”
    HG: “Oh you mean Apple Inc? Now they just make gadgets since they dropped Computer from their name right?”
    Us: “Um… yeah I guess we’ll see what happens…” (as our preconceptions are utterly shattered)
    HG: “Well can you tell me one thing?”

    “When the hell will Steve Jobs release a laptop that doesn’t burn my f*****g nuts off?”

    Even the homeless guys in San Francisco seem wired in….

  5. Tim says:

    I believe I walked past the same beggar dude… one down from the beggar dude with two cats.

    Beggar Dude: Can I get a thousand dollars?
    ME: *eye-rolling-smirk*
    BG: I accept credit cards.
    BG: You can pay me through my website.
    BG: Sorry, Visa and Diners Club only.

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