YouTube on Apple TV

Apple TV 1.1 is out and I, of course, immediately installed it. The top level menu is now slightly longer and there is a huge YouTUBE logo in the icon set.

Gotta watch some videos. First one? Some weird-ass space alien stop motion thing with scritchy electronica as the sound track.

Audio and video quality are pretty good. Though playback has paused twice while waiting for more packets to flow. Not so with the classic Tony & Paul (at least not for the first 3:56).

Certainly more entertaining than browsing the garbage beaming in via satellite at any random moment. Big TV ought to be scared, mostly because letting user’s vote on user produced content produces higher quality entertainment than the average TV studio.

Of course, I had a look for naughty stuff. To.. you know… see where the filter line is drawn. Yeah, that’s it…

Very funny — most of it is either rants about how God will Save You from the Naughty Bits that will Destroy Your Soul or teaser videos that break to My Little Pony as punishment for trying to find naughty stuff. I’m not kidding. You know you are going to look now.

Ran across an Andy Dick piece that is both funny and completely juvenile and tasteless. And some Borat…

Oh, wait. Crap. This is pretty entertaining in a completely stupid way.

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