iPhone: Let the Review Flood Begin

The iPhone launch is just days away and the review embargo has been lifted.

New York Time (David Pogue).

In other words, maybe all the iPhone hype isn’t hype at all. As the ball player Dizzy Dean once said, “It ain’t bragging if you done it.”

USA Today (Edward C. Baig)

My wish list aside, iPhone’s splash of a debut is worthy of the attention it is receiving.

Wall Street Journal (Walt Mossberg & Katherine Boehret)

But, despite its network limitations, the iPhone is a whole new experience and a pleasure to use.

NewsWeek / MSNBC (Steven Levy)

(Has a funny picture of someone taking a photo of the giant iPhone with some crappy cell phone.)

… the phone that finally fulfills the promise of people-friendly palm-top communication and computing.

Overwhelmingly positive, while noting some flaws. Can’t wait to chuck my current stupid cell phone.

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5 Responses to “iPhone: Let the Review Flood Begin”

  1. Houman says:

    I’d love to hear a B.Bum review – if you’re allowed. I’m currently using a crippled Razr on Verizon – I hate the phone but
    Verizon’s coverage is great. I was most pleased about the iPhone Plans, I feel they are very competitive when compared to other carriers. I’m still under contract – but
    if the iPhone is truly amazing, I could live with the termination fee.

  2. Houman says:

    The Pogue video actually made me laugh

  3. Amie says:

    I adored the Pogue video myself, although my husband compared me to the Apple fanboy at the end asking if the thing had a logo. I wish this launch was happening on the other side of July since we’re strapped with home improvements, Liam’s first birthday next month, and our upcoming vacation, or I’d be standing in line on Walnut St this Friday. But one way or another, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these babies!

    Can’t wait to hear your review!

  4. n[ate]vw says:

    Looks like we’ll be waiting a couple weeks for the bbum review! With a free phone, the monthly fees don’t look so bad. Then again, compared to the two-year contract, the phone isn’t that dear either. ( I think I’m just jealous that between working from home, hating phone calls, and not already having any “current stupid cell phone” — I have no excuse to get the little bugger! )

  5. Houman says:

    I just picked one up and all I have to say is WOW!!!
    I also filed a bug because I found that the phone had a problem
    connecting to my airport using 128bit WEP. Once I switched to 40bit
    WEP everything was fine.

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