AT&T Bill

I’m disappointed. My first month iPhone AT&T bill is only 14 pages; 9 pages of $0.00 data “calls”.

I guess that is the “price” I pay for having so many WiFi networks available to me. And I was thinking I’d found a good source for free packing materials…

Update: And that’ll be my only stupid huge bill. AT&T just spammed me a text message telling me that they were “… simplifying your paper bill, removing itemized detail.”

RantWhy do companies feel the need to use awkward sentence structure when text messaging? I could understand it if doing so drove the character count under the limit. But that does not apply in this case. One extra character would make it read… well.. like a sentence! “… simplifying your paper bill by removing itemized detail.”

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8 Responses to “AT&T Bill”

  1. John C. Randolph says:

    Only six pages for me.. Guess I won’t be making the front page of anytime soon.


  2. Houman says:

    Mine was 32 pages – no packing material though, I’m trying to cut down on my paper waste. Plus I live in a dicey neighborhood, and paper phone bills are a great tool for CC fraudsters. Sorry about the bad HTML last time – I was tired.

  3. Tristan O'Tierney says:

    I’ve been an AT&T customer since before they were cingular (AT&T –> Cingular.. then back to AT&T again). Somewhere along there I opted out of paper bills.

  4. Andrew says:

    What a waste! Can’t they give you an e-bill?

  5. rama says:

  6. Houman says:

    That video is great! I did switch to e-billing. Overall, the whole iPhone experience has been
    one of the best product experiences ever.

  7. Charles says:

    Hmm.. Last month’s AT&T bill (when I had no data plan and no iPhone) was 6 pages, this month it’s 7 pages. Less than 1 page of data billing. Maybe I ought to get out more.

  8. Charles says:

    Okay, I spoke too soon. That was LAST month’s bill. I just got the new bill: 18 pages.

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