“Application for job of Software Engineer”

Or: How not to apply for a job via email.

It was an unsolicited “application for job of software engineer” email. Sent to my .mac account. Without a To: field or any other uniquely targeting information in the message.

Likely, a fairly wide dispersal and normally something that’d I would delete without a second thought. But this one stood out for a couple of reasons.

Kindly consider my resume for the post of Software Engineer available in your esteemed organization. I am a competent professional seeking excellence. Your company is renowned and provides excellent opportunities for professionals to groom in their respective fields and I would like the honor of being part of such a pronounced institution.

Which organization was that, exactly? What fields? At least this mystery organization is very conspicuous.

Hint: When writing a cover letter, try to indicate that you know the name of the person to whom you are writing (or, at least, something a bit more specific than “The Human Resource Manager”). At the least, demonstrate even a smidgen of domain specific knowledge about the company, technology, or job that you are interested. Even a clue would help.

(Already had 2 phone screens with GOOGLE).

Well, good for you! Yay! Phone screens with GOOGLE! WHEE!

If they went so terribly well, why are you spamming the world for a job?

The included CV — a Word document that I was willing to open in that the AppKit does not emulate Word’s susceptibility to Macro viruses — opens with the traditional career objectives:

My career objective is to be one of the top technical leaders (research and development) in enterprise software architecture, development, and design. (Already had 2 phone screens with GOOGLE).

If having 2 phone screens with GOOGLE was a career objective, then it has been met and shouldn’t be listed in the objectives, should it?

Outside of that, the CV wasn’t bad.

However, the real gem was in the second document attached to the email. It is called gaming.txt. Cool! Maybe “Dude or Dudette” [D-or-D] has some experience writing games or testing them or something and has attached a short document — only 0.8KB — indicating projects D-or-D has worked on.

Uh, no…

A brief excerpt from gaming.txt:

Games ended by Dude or Dudette:
Alone in the dark The New Nightmare (PC)
Dino Crisis (PC)
Dino Crisis 2 (PC)
…22 more lines completed…
2006 Fifa World Cup (PC)
Need for Speed Carbon (PC)

Yup. That’s right. D-or-D appears to believe that a list of games successfully completed is a competitive advantage in the job market.

No, I’m not kidding. Had me laughing out loud for a few minutes on that one.

I’m tempted to write back to see if I can get some 1337 phints for NfS.

(No — didn’t appear to be a Phishing kind of thing. D-or-D was found via Google and seems ot have a legitimate ‘net fingerprint. I’m not going to out the individual, but I am not surprised that someone did. D-or-D will do well with a little bit of repackaging and better presentation.)

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7 Responses to ““Application for job of Software Engineer””

  1. Erik says:

    There’s been an upsurge in job-hunting spam lately, from “recruiters”… this is the first I’ve heard of one from a “seeker”, but it definitely sounds like phishing spam.

  2. mdmunoz says:


  3. bbum says:

    You kids and your new-fangled languages.

  4. Papa Joe says:

    i have gaming experience too. can i get one of them there sotee jobs at incredibly overpaid poitions?
    i got that “OLD MAID GAME” down pat.
    i also gambel a lot.

  5. Victor Ng says:

    Well maybe you won’t out him, but I did.



  6. Ben says:

    Kinda sad, really.

    However, I work at a game publisher, and we hire 250+ game testers per testing season.
    ‘Most recent games played’ is actually one of the questions on the application form they fill out when they come for their interview.

    These aren’t software engineer positions, though…

  7. Syed Hassaan Ahmed says:

    Hello everybody

    This is no spam. This mail was sent by me. My apologizes, if anybody has felt inconvenient, but I intentionally sent this to every recipient, as part of my job hunt.

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