Serious MagSafe Bug

Catastrophic MagSafe Failure

I grabbed my laptop out of my bag this AM and tried to connect the magsafe connector. It just wouldn’t stick. Huh.

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5 Responses to “Serious MagSafe Bug”

  1. leeg says:

    (sings) That bug has been finniched / ‘cos he ate his spinnich / he’s Popeye the mangled moth

  2. James Eagan says:

    Looks like that bug has been squashed.

  3. Dad says:

    looks like one of Roger’s pets got out.
    have a whole lot of bug jokes but i do not want to BUG u with them.

  4. Houman says:

    Wow. That is seriously nasty. Is that covered under Apple Care?

  5. Absolute Vengeance says:

    I always new insects were attracted to fruit such as apples.

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