Wired’s 100 Ways to Save Apple, 10 years later.

Ten years ago, Wired published an issue of their silly ‘zine that claimed Apple was pretty much dead and listed 100 ways to save the company.

It was hilarious then– full of leadership-by-armchair-comittee style suggestions– and even funnier now. Wired has long been a sort of Mad Magazine of technology and this particular article is one of the funnier demonstrations. There are a couple of good points on the list and — as a friend pointed out — good leadership is about choosing the handful of right ideas.

I lost all respect for Wired — canceled my subscription, even — when they did their “The Web Is Dead, Push Is Here” issue. It was clear that the writer(s) either had no clue at all or where pandering to investors. Given that Wired Ventures had dumped VC into various companies pushing Push technologies, I still suspect the latter.

Thanks to FSJ for posting the article link and cover picture. I still have a copy in my files somewhere. The one issue I kept. It is an effective reminder that doing the expected is often the wrong answer.

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6 Responses to “Wired’s 100 Ways to Save Apple, 10 years later.”

  1. Houman says:

    I actually wouldn’t mind if Apple made washing machines, could you imagine having the same excitment about doing the laundry as one has when using the iPhone;-)

  2. ssp says:

    Sorry I have to disagree. You’re really being unjust to MAD magazine. After all they aim to be funny. And they’re good at it.

    You may want to remove the trailing slash from the fakesteve link, btw.

  3. Adam Vandenberg says:

    I only kept the issue on Futurama, but I did keep the thorned Apple cover (and just the cover.)

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  5. NeoGeo says:

    “Get the top systems integrators to push NeXT’s WebObjects…” What the hell are WebObjects? Some sort of failed technology for speeding up porn?

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