Dark Side of AmazonMP3

Today, Amazon launched their AmazonMP3 digital music store.

From the title of this post, you might think I’m going to reveal something sinister about it.

Nope — just here to point out that Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is rapidly climbing the charts. Pink Floyd is the second most popular artist and DSotM is the #1 most popular PF album. However, The Wall seems to be beating out DSotM, making me wonder if Amazon is ranking album sales by # of tracks per album?

No idea. What I do know is that Amazon’s music store is really quite very nice. Beyond selling non-DRM’d MP3s at a reasonable sample rate of 256kbps (VBR, LAME encoded) — though I’d rather have AAC at the same bit rate as it really does sound better — the pricing seems really quite attractively flat.

99 cents/track. Period. If you pick up a 4 track album with 4 20 minute tracks, that’ll be $3.96, please! Fantastic. Gotta wonder if that’ll survive the beta period.

In any case, I picked up two awesome Fela Kuti albums for less than $9/total.

Zombie: This rather brilliant bit of high energy funk jazz sparked a major uprising in Nigeria as it was highly critical of the corrupt government and very popular with the people. It led to the death of Fela’s mother, the destruction of much of his work, and nearly his death. Eventually, it led to Fela taking 27 wives in 1978 to mark the anniversary of the attacks.

OK — wow — some serious history. But, ultimately, it is just an amazing piece of musicianship. One very deep central african groove going on here.

The second album is Fela with Ginger Baker LIVE!. This might just be the very first album release from Feta, though it is hard to tell.

As its name implies, it is Fela and his band playing with Ginger Baker — drummer extraordinaire of whom I have written about before.

The album starts out with Fela sort of introducing the group and about how they are going to just sit down and play some music… 1..2..3..4…holy oh my i just got run over by a wall of amazing rhythm and music.

Great stuff. I’m going to continue hunting through the 20,000 or so $5 or less albums– bound to be some other gems.

4 Responses to “Dark Side of AmazonMP3”

  1. John C. Randolph says:

    It had to happen sooner or later: another vendor learned the lessons from the iTMS that all the “plays for sure” partners ignored.


  2. Michael Tsai - Blog - Amazon MP3 Store says:

    […] MP3 store looks pretty nice. Good sound quality, good prices, no DRM, easy to use—what’s not to like? I’d […]

  3. Houman says:

    It’s nice to have another vendor in this arena. I started laughing when I read the Headline of the post – I already knew what it was about based on your other DSotM post a couple of months back.

    I love DSotM, but recently all I’ve been listening to is A Saucerful of Secrets

    I’m looking forward to buying some New Music from Amazon. It’s funny, with the constant upward trend of bitrate and the lack of DRM – there still isn’t a substitue for the smell and feel of an old LP cover….ahh.

    Sometimes I feel like I should’ve been born 20 years earlier.

  4. Domke Camera Bags says:

    I am not into using service for music other than iTunes. I think itunes is so easy to use that i am kind of a iTunes snob.

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