Does 75 lbs of smoked pork fit in my fridge?

Fridge Full O' Pork 3

Yes, yes it does. Pictured at left is 75 lbs of smoked pork all wrapped up and ready to be picked up by a friend as the main course in their friend’s daughters wedding.

It took me four days — 3 overnight cooks — to produce 75 lbs of smoked pork. Each round was about 30 lbs of smoked pork (4 shoulder cuts each round) that had been dry rubbed with my special blend of salts/sugars/spices, then smoked for 22 hours over hardwood lump charcoal with bits of apple wood (that had been soaked in gin and red wine for several days) at a bit over 200 degrees.

Delicious stuff. Took a bit of eating logistics to clear out the fridge enough for the pork.

Now that I have exchanged food for payment, can I drop “professional chef” on my resume?

Nah — probably not without offending real professional chefs.

4 Responses to “Does 75 lbs of smoked pork fit in my fridge?”

  1. Bash Coder says:

    Awesome – what have you found to be the best way to reheat a smoked Boston butt? I need to accomplish a similar task, and I’m hoping the meat reheats well and is still juicy when pulled.

  2. bbum says:

    Nuke it, surprisingly enough, does very very well.

    I have also wrapped it tightly in foil and reheated in the oven. You can always pull it and mix in some BBQ sauce.

    It reheats really really well as long as you let some of the fat congeal around the meat when freezing.

  3. Bash Coder says:

    Great – glad to hear it. I posted the results of my first night’s bulk bbq experiment in .

    – Bash

  4. Bash Coder says:

    Ooops — HTML error, as I am a dufus. Here’s the corrected link: Your other thread.

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