Medium Big Green Egg

Medium BGE

Last Wednesday, Dad and I went out and bought Dad a medium Big Green Egg.

Since then, I have cooked (while teaching Dad how to use the egg):

  • Lamb chops — basic chops
  • Beer butt chicken — rub on the outside, stuffed with spices under the skin. Juicy and delicious.
  • London Broil — Salt, pepper, and oil rub. Took it to an internal temp of about 135 and tented it for 10 minutes. End result was perfect medium rare london broil.
  • Salmon — covered it with dill, a touch of dried peppers, and thin slices of orange with the skin side heavily salted. Cooked to an internal temp of 135. Excellent.

Next up? We might try a pie or baking some bread. Dad picked up a plate setter which, when reversed, makes an excellent surface for cooking pizzas, breads, and pies.

Of course, we picked up a probe thermometer to go with the BGE. It appears that Taylor has largely moved to using silicon covered probe wires. Awesome! Not only can the probes handle slightly higher heat — though not flare-ups — but they also don’t fray over time.

Without the Stoker, I’m not sure if I’ll attempt pulled pork. But I might do some ribs.

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  1. David Holt says:

    Hi Bill, your dad may want to look at the new BBQ Guru DigiQ II. Just bought it and it is really simple to use. Granted, it doesn’t allow you to monitor it over the internets, but then your dad won’t want to do that, will he? 😉

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