The Map is About to Change (and now it has)

This is an image of the map of the hardware sector of the stock market at close of trading on Monday, October 22, 2007.

IBM $154B, Apple $152B. Intel (INTC) at $155B.

Assuming after hours trading mostly sticks, Apple will open tomorrow with a market capitalization of $162B.

That map is going to look a little bit different tomorrow morning.


(Yeah, yeah… volatility, etc,etc… Goodness knows what tomorrow will bring. I remember when AAPL first eclipsed DELL. Fell back. Was a few months before that become permanent. Now AAPL is rapidly approaching 3x the market cap of DELL.)

Tuesday is upon us at it appears to have stuck through the night.

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11 Responses to “The Map is About to Change (and now it has)”

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  2. John C. Randolph says:

    This is an historic occasion. AAPL passing up IBM. Wow.


  3. Zach Pruckowski says:

    Market Capitalization doesn’t really mean a lot. I mean, it’s a nice benchmark, but given Apple’s volatility, its market cap could drop by $10 billion if some analyst changes his mind about the likelihood of a rumor.

    It’s also worth pointing out that neither Apple nor IBM are exclusively computer hardware. Apple has a decent software business (especially Pro Apps, then iWork and iLife), and IBM does a lot of things (consulting, solutions, Lotus, etc.) Also, a lot of Apple’s growth has been in CE (a million iPhones, ten million iPods this quarter).

  4. BWJones says:

    Hrmm…. “What would I do? I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.” makes Michael Dell sound like a knucklehead of the highest order. This little chart should ‘esplain it all.

  5. Alan Yeung says:

    That quotation from Michael Dell will always haunt him, but it really serves as a useful reminder of just how dire Apple’s situation was at the time, the sheer magnitude of what needed to be done, and how very few people thought it was possible.

    That perspective really helps frame the size of what Steve Jobs and his team managed to accomplish. And he didn’t just meet the most optimistic expectations (i.e. a successful re-engineering of the computer company), he went way over the top into new markets. It’s a triumph on so many levels: technical, business, management, retail strategy, etc. Truly a remarkable achievement.

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  7. GadgetGav says:

    The stock price graph that BWJones linked to looks a lot like any number of biotech stocks vs the Nasdaq or Dow index… I’m not saying that Apple’s run up is quite as hollow as the biotech bubble, but a ‘correction’ could bring it back more in line with the rest of the industry. What will happen when Jobs retires..? What will happen if they pull AppleTV..? (Remember the G4 Cube?) I hope it doesn’t happen, I hope Apple really has broken the mold and is seen by the stock market as more than a computer company, but a stock run up over a couple of years is not really concrete proof…

  8. Xlog says:

    The Map Just Changed

    Today, Apple’s market cap exceeded that of IBM.  Apple finished the day at $186.16 giving it a market cap of  $161.89B (IBM’s market cap is at $156.01B).  Makes you wonder about Apple’s 1984 Ad.
    Over at  bbum’s weblog-o-mat he h…

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  10. Marshall says:

    And larger than Google, too.

    Apple: $161B
    Google: $157B
    IBM: $153B
    Intel: $151B

  11. bbum says:

    Nahh… GOOG is just north of $200B — $210B right now.

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