iTunes hidden(?) feature

I’m currently sitting on a rather weak internet connection; only 600kbps max download speed (actual speeds may be lower)!! (Oh! The Horrors!)

Earlier, I bopped over to the iTunes Store to check out what free video downloads might be available. I ended up queueing up an episode of Aliens in America, some Desperate Housewives, and the Casting Special of America’s Most Smartest Model. What the hell? Free and I could use a bit of good brain melt (as long as it has a fast forward button). That and I’ll be stuck on an airplane in a few days; brain melt definitely good.

During the first hour of the 4 hours it was going to take to grab one of the shows, I ran across someone named Leeni doing a music video called Colbertica (embedded in this post).

Ok… that is… odd. But somehow compelling. And it has a link to Leeni’s home page. Which is actually pretty damned cool. In a retro way. But, wait, the 8 bit bloop/bleep actually has some pretty cool vocals on top! Neat!

(no, really, there is an iTunes feature coming up…. really)

And she has an album in iTunes! Neat! Now, I totally dig Postal Service and this is kind of a totally stripped down minimalistic scratching-my-retro-gamer-fu Give Up like groove with excellent vocals on top.


Awww… damnit. I’m going to have to wait 6 hours for the first track of the album to start downloading. It is queued after a couple of lengthy TV shows. I could delete ’em and requeue. Probably what I’ll do shortly after download anyway…

… or I could try selecting all the tracks of Leeni’s album and drag-n-drop ’em to the top of the download queue.

Whoah! That just works! It paused the TV show download that was in progress and immediately started downloading the first track of the album!

Rock on!

Or, in this case, Bleep-Blorp on!

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2 Responses to “iTunes hidden(?) feature”

  1. Daniel says:

    As a sign of how intuitive Apple does make things, when I was reading this I got to “Aw dammit” and immediately guessed what you were going to do, even though I’ve never used video download.

  2. Jonathan WIght says:

    Great find bbum. Nintendo postal service. Love it.

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