Leopard: most significant new feature EVAR!!!1!

I discovered the most amazing new feature in Leopard. I’m not sure why it isn’t #1 on the list of 300!!!one!

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Create a new World Clock
  • Change the City

The little clock hands spin to the new time!!!

Seriously, though, it is really nice little bit of polish.

And, as Gruber said, there is just a ton of polish all over Leopard. Lots and lots and lots of little things fixed and refined.

Any one of these may never sell a single copy of Leopard on its own. Altogether it makes for an ever improving user experience much greater than the sum of the 300 touted features.

(What is the inverse of “Death by a thousand cuts”, anyway?)

Corbin enumerated 5 very cool new features of the open/save panel. Excellent stuff!

5 Responses to “Leopard: most significant new feature EVAR!!!1!”

  1. Julian Grey says:

    “Life by 1000 patches.”
    “Maturity by 1000 revisions.”
    “Elegance by 1000 refinements.”

    Thats what I have always loved about Apple, polish and refinement are an actual goal.


  2. jcburns says:

    Life with a thousand band-aids?

  3. Ahruman says:

    Bah. It didn’t animate when DST ended [in Europe]. I demand a refund!

  4. Sean Porter says:

    Delight by a thousand buffs?

  5. corbin says:

    It’s amazing how many new features have. Here are some more of them that didn’t make the top 300, but are still very useful:


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