California is stupid (but I love it here)

Once again, LED technology has evolved. This particular flashlight has 9 superbright white LEDs powered by 3 AAA batteries. In this case, it appears to be mostly an efficiency-at-this-brightness issue in that the previous generation LEDs of this brightness would generate considerably more heat (and not last 20 hours on 3 AAA batteries).

But, WAIT! What is this warning!!

This product and/or its packaging contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

OH NOES!!! Except that it is utterly useless. The State of California enacted Proposition 65 back in 1986. Entitled the “The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986”, the law was designed to require notification when Bad Stuff was present in any given environment.

Of course, it has been horribly abused and certain jackassery legal outfits have built entire businesses out of extorting money out of legitimate businesses through prop 65 threats and suits.

There is even an official web site with FAQ.

So, of course, clarifications of the stupidity are ever present everywhere but in California. For those of us that call CA our home, we are used to seeing stupid Prop 65 warnings on everything from cans of foaming goo to etched into a window on hotel entrances to stuck on the side of the occasional garbage truck. A sort of legal graffitti that is as ignored as the stupid “massage cheap” and “earn money at home” phone post signs.

But the rest of the world needs some clarification on this seemingly scary notice. And, thus, you’ll see that the above scariness is immediately followed by:

NOTE: Only California law requires that this warning be given to the consumer. This warning is only required by the State of California and is not based on this product or its packaging causing exposure to hazardous chemicals over those allowed by any law or statute. Again this law is NOT based on exposure, it is based on content, even when the content is in full compliance with safety standards set by the Federal Government. There are NO regulated chemicals used in this products in a way to create an hazard to the public. We are sorry for any confusion or concern regarding this warning that may have caused.

I’m sorry, too.

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3 Responses to “California is stupid (but I love it here)”

  1. Luke Burton says:

    My wife has been freaked out by seeing these signs everywhere she goes. Put these lawyers on the B-ship and send it into space … preferably on a collision course with the sun.

  2. John C. Randolph says:


    It’s not the lawyers, but the voters who voted for 65 who inflicted this particular stupidity on us.


  3. Ben Gardella says:

    Wait, don’t blame the voters. You expect them to read the entire proposition before voting? They read the subject line while in the booth on voting day. I blame the lawyers AND the politicians that put the proposition before the voters. Why are we having to vote on this stuff, anyway? Dumb Idea One vs. Dumb Idea Two. Hmmmmm….that’s a tough call. What? None of the above? Yessssss.

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