Acorn (and PyObjC).

A while ago, Flying Meat released Acorn, an image editor built with a focus upon simplicity.

I have never much been into image editing. I’m simply not smart enough to use PhotoShop and don’t have the interest to invest the time necessary to overcome my mental limitations in the face of that application.

The last real image editing I did invovled 2-bit black and white icon editing on NeXTSTEP.

I do, however, have a certain passion for whole image editing. That is, I like taking photos and I like tweaking ’em a bit here and there to emphasize whatever it is that I want to capture.

So, with that said, I’m not even going to try to review Acorn beyond saying that it really is simple enough that a genre-incompetent user like me was able to launch the app and get done exactly what I wanted with very little spastic monkey style interaction with the user interface.

I.e. Acorn works. Acorn is simple. And Acorn did what I wanted with minimal fuss and, in this case, fluid integration with Aperture as its external editor.

GraphicConverter — an application that I purchased long ago, without regret — has been deleted. Whereas GraphicConverter is a more powerful application, the user experience pales in comparison to Acorn.

I would gladly pony up the $40 for a license to Acorn. But I didn’t have to.

As a way of saying thanks for my involvement in PyObjC over the years, the fine folks at Flying Meat sent me a complimentary license. Thank you. Seriously. Very much appreciated.

You see, Acorn has a plugin model and you can write plugins in either Objective-C or Python. Python modules are written via PyObjC. Brilliant. Elegant. Love it.

Is speed a problem? Not really. Most of the work in the plugins will be done by CoreImage filters or the like; Python is the configurating glue on top.

Very, very cool.

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3 Responses to “Acorn (and PyObjC).”

  1. Rhonabwy » great quote says:

    […] through postings in NetNewsWire and I ran across a post by BBum talking about Acorn. I saw this quote and […]

  2. Gus Mueller says:

    Thanks Bill! I’m glad you like it. And of course, let me know if you do run into any issues or have any good ideas on improving Acorn.



  3. Luke Burton says:

    Acorn looks cool. A the moment my favorite editor is ImageWell. Many times a week I have to take a screenshot of something and attach an arrow with some text, or highlight something, or make a composition of two images together … ImageWell serves that purpose exquisitely. Its workflow is really optimized for “capture picture -> twiddle picture -> upload picture”.

    Acorn looks more like it gives you the whole faux photoshop experience with layers etc, so would be better for those times you need to spend more than a few minutes doing something to an image.

    There is also the (overhyped?) Pixelmator, which I found a bit overbearing.

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