Wii Warning: Verify that your Miis are editable!!!

My first Nintendo Wii was a lemon; it suffered from the video corruption issues related to GPU overheating and/or failure. Nintendo was extremely efficient at addressing the problem, not only replacing my Wii but also migrating all data — downloaded virtual console games and Miis — to the new Wii.

Or so I thought.

It appears that the Miis were migrated and not restored to the new system. That is, the system believes that the Miis were copied from some other system (which, technically, they were).

Why is this a problem?

Because I cannot edit Miis that I created on the original system nor can I use my Miis for new features like the Check Mii Out channel.

At this point, it appears that my only recourse is to recreate my Miis. All of them. Including losing all saved data, scores, accomplishments, etc…


I have a technical support ticket open with Nintendo. Hopefully, since it was their screwup, they’ll have a fix. Though, honestly, I can’t imagine sending my Wii to Nintendo just to preserve my Pro Golf rating and my 1.45kg of brain.

If you have had your Wii serviced by Nintendo and said service involved replacing the Wii, you might want to see if your Miis are really your Miis, too!

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6 Responses to “Wii Warning: Verify that your Miis are editable!!!”

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  2. julian says:

    This non-editable thing is actually very annoying. I now have a handful of friends that created their Miis on my Wii way back when I was the only person they knew that owned one.

    Now they all own Wiis, so naturally I sent them the Miis they created. Except they can’t edit them or use Check Mii Out now. Lame.

  3. Ryan Bayne says:

    It’s not the easiest fix, but you may want to look at Mii Editor combined with Mii Transfer. If you can still copy your Miis to your Wiimote, you can copy them to your computer over Bluetooth, load them into Mii Editor, edit the Wii ID number, save, copy back to the Wiimote, and then put it back on your Wii. While you’re there, you can also create an image of your Mii, which is always fun to use as an IM icon.

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  5. stupid wii piracy site says:

    Thanks for the warning. I guess you never think of this type of thing when you send your Wii for repair. At least the give you original Wii back unlike apple who give you a completely different Ipod to the original one you sent away.

    [Ed: Stupid spammer. Worse, this numbnuts is in the “business” of selling pirated Wii games. The whole point was that Nintendo transfers your data to a new Wii, sends that back, but the new ID code makes all your old data readonly. Get a clue and find a real job.]

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