A pie-crazy thanksgiving meal!

Pie Crazy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Feast

We had an awesome thanksgiving meal over at a friend’s house. Somehow, we ended up with 7 pies for 10 people.

I made two butternut squash pies. Ben brought two walnut pumpkin pies and two closed top apple pies. Finally, Chris P. brought a sweet potato pie.

All delicious!

And that level of excess was the theme for the rest of the meal. We had green beans with fennel, salad, sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top, cranberries, and probably a couple of other dishes that I can’t remember.

And, of course, there was Turkey. Delicious oven roasted perfectly cooked juicy turkey. With stuffing.

I also brined and rosemary smoked a 20 pound pork leg. Cooked it to an internal of 145 degrees in about 4.5 hours on the BGE> The end result was just flat out stunning.

2 Responses to “A pie-crazy thanksgiving meal!”

  1. Amie says:

    Hmmm…wouldn’t have thought to put fennel with green beans before. I’m intrigued! Could you suss out the recipe?

  2. Fion - dress up games says:

    Hey you are making me jealous… and hungry.

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