Nature Playing With Light & Color; SF Zoo

Peacock Tail #1
Peacock Tail #2

We went to the San Francisco Zoo for the first time yesterday. Quite the nice zoo; the animals all seem fairly content and the grounds were beautifully designed. The paths were all windy and it is quite easy to get pleasantly lost, only to find yourself in the midst of some random part of the world’s animals.

The zoo also hosts quite the population of wild birds. Lots of ducks and seagulls, of course. We also saw a couple of great blue herons wandering and flying about. Magestic birds!

As well, there were quite a few peacocks wandering the grounds. They were relatively tame. As I was walking behind one, I noticed that their tail feathers completely change color as the light shifts.

Roger & Peacock

Roger helped me herd one into a patch of sunlight and I was able to capture the amazing color shift as the angle of light striking the tail feathers shifts by only a few degrees.

Pretty awesome creature. That really is the same bird. Didn’t catch any with their tail in full display mode.

I, of course, took a bunch of pictures.

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    […] took this picture on our recent adventure to the San Francisco Zoo. It has sense been sync’d to our Apple TV to join a couple of hundred other random family […]

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