Cocoa Based Smoked Pork

23 Hour Smoked Boston Butt

As many have tweeted and ‘blogged, there was a bit of Cocoa gathering at Apple this week.

It was mighty cool to hang with so many of the folks that consume our products.

Personally, I was ecstatic to see that so many were embracing garbage collection and finding great success therein.

It is really gratifying to see people run with the tools that we [all of Dev Tech] have pushed out. Damn, you folks are creative!

Anyway, a twitservation (twitter-conversation) — more a half-assed argument– with Wil Shipley combined with the awesomeness of the kitchen led me to cook up 33 lbs of smoked pork for lunch today.

I did it just a bit different this time. Namely, I cooked it slightly longer — 23.5 hours, now that I have looked at the actual wall time — and slightly cooler.

23 Hour Smoked Apples in Pork Fat

I have moved to using a probe thermometer stuck through the gap between halves of the Big Green Egg to monitor temperature. As well, I’m using a large plate setter that coincidentally raises the cooking grid to 1/4″ below the opening of the BGE.

As a result, whatever temperature I set the Stoker too, it will absolutely be the cooking temperature at the interface between fire and food. As a result, this particular pork was cooked at a lower temperature than I have done in the past in that the gradient between cooking grid and top of dome ran as about a 30 degree downward slope (cooking grid @ 230, dome at 200). Previously, the grid probe was typically 1.5″ above grid and, thus, grid temp was probably a good 20 to 30 degrees higher than I intended.

The end result was that the fat and connective tissue was fully rendered, but the cuts of meat still had a slice to them! You could cut it with a fork easily enough, but it still required cutting.

Personally, I found it to be a more pleasing and versatile product than straight up pulled pork.

As an experiment, I halved some apples and placed the halves in a pan under the pork as it cooked with the open face up. No clue what was going to happen.

The end result was a bowl made of apple skin filled with apple stew where the water had been replaced by rendered pork fat.

Universally accepted as delicious. Next time, I’ll make quite a few more and bake them into a pie with little bits of pork fat strewn throughout.

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2 Responses to “Cocoa Based Smoked Pork”

  1. Dad says:

    Make sure u do all the experimenting BEFORE we get to visit u!!!
    we want the food perfect.

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