SWT Moving to Cocoa

A few weeks ago, the SWT folks came out to Apple to learn a bit about Cocoa & Leopard.

Very early in the week, they discovered the BridgeSupport generated XML metadata that describes almost all Objective-C and C APIs on the system (and is included with user installations of Leopard).

Using that, they whipped up a tool that automatically generates a set of Java classes that mirror the Objective-C classes, with all the necessary glue bits underneath.

End result? SWT apps are now Cocoa apps. The goal is to host Eclipse on top of this version of SWT and they already have some success on that front.

Very cool.

All of this work has been pushed back into the SWT repository and they have now put out a call for help from the community.

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One Response to “SWT Moving to Cocoa”

  1. David Evenson says:

    This is such great news. Eclipse is such a great tool, but it’s front end has always felt a bit (okay a lot) clunky on OS X. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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